Practicing Global Medicine: Three Physicians, Three Continents, Beaumont Doctors at Work Around the Globe


What motivates established practitioners to leave their practice for multiple weeks each year to volunteer globally? What is it really like to work in another country?

Find out the answers to these questions plus much more from three OUWB clinical faculty members who travel globally providing patient care, teaching and conducting research in Latin America and Africa. The guest speakers will present for 20 minutes each with time for questions and answers at the end of the session.

Guest speakers:
Richard Keidan, M.D., OUWB associate professor of Surgery, improves the lives of the neediest citizens of Detroit and Nepal with shelter, food, medical care, and education with the SAY Clinic of Detroit and Nepal. Dr. Keidan has worked in Nepal for many years increasing his time there each year. He works in rural Khotang Province bringing sanitation, such as toilets to every house/hut, and health care to the people. Unique to his approach is that he builds bridges with the community by listening to their needs, following through, and collaborating with, the district health department.
Ilana Kutinsky, D.O., OUWB associate professor of Internal Medicine, travels to Nicaragua multiple times a year to evaluate children and identify previously undetected cardiac anomalies. She has started a foundation to support bringing these children to Beaumont for surgical correction of their cardiac defects. As an electrophysiologist, Dr. Kutinsky is the "cardiologist to the apes" and the co-founder of The Great Ape Heart Project. She travels to zoos all over the world to diagnose and treat the great apes.
Barry Rosen, M.D., Beaumont Health Obstetrics and Gynecology, works with AMPATH at Moi University in Kenya. AMPATH is the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare partnership between North American academic health centers, led by the Indiana University School of Medicine, centered in Eldoret, Kenya. Dr. Rosen has been active in the AMPATH program traveling to Kenya multiple times a year to teach and practice. In addition to his teaching at Moi University, and in response to invitations from universities in Africa, he has established GME programs in gynecology in multiple African countries. There he promoted prevention and early diagnosis of gynecologic cancers in areas with inordinately high rates of cervical cancers.

Lunch ‘n Learn is an informal seminar for OUWB students, faculty and staff hosted by OUWB COMPASS. Speakers focus on topics in medicine that are relevant to medical practice.


Lunch will be provided.

October 17, 2019
11 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
110 O’Dowd Hall
586 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309

Rachel Yoskowitz, assistant professor, (Public Health)