“Ask Ora” student event planned for Noon Monday

“Ask Ora” student event planned for Noon Monday
Oakland University President Ora Hirsch Pescovitz

Graduate and undergraduate students will get a chance to talk with Oakland University President Ora Hirsch Pescovitz on Monday, Oct. 2 from Noon -1 p.m. in the Gold Rooms of the Oakland Center. The event, called “Ask Ora,” is the first of what she hopes will catch on as an every-semester gathering.

“Ask Ora,” was created as an opportunity for President Pescovitz to get to know the students and interact in a way that will keep her close to student interests, cares and concerns.

President Pescovitz told the Oakland Post student newspaper, “I want to get to know students and have students get to know me. I am interested in understanding what issues are of importance to you.”

President Pescovitz and Chief Diversity Officer, Glenn McIntosh will host the event together and invite those in attendance to ask questions and open a dialogue on topics of academics, life and career goals as well as understand concerns on campus and get feedback from students on their vision of what they’d like the future Oakland University to look like.

Mr. McIntosh told the Oakland Post, “I hope the event will attract a room full of students who share my enthusiasm about the arrival of our new president. She is a very charismatic leader with many life experiences that make her an excellent role model for students to learn ways to be successful throughout their life journey.”

President Pescovitz added in her interview with the Post, “I want this to be informal, conversational and fun. I hope that everyone will feel comfortable and that the dialogue will be open, honest and respectful.”