Rec-Well spearheads OU participation in the Great American Smokeout

It is time for the Great American Smokeout
Oakland has had a smoke-free campus since the fall of 2013.


Thursday, Nov. 16 marks the Great American Smokeout, a time when smokers are encouraged to try quitting for the day with the goal of quitting forever.

According to the American Cancer Society, tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the United States.


“We are proud of the fact that 92 percent of Oakland undergraduate students have never smoked or don’t smoke regularly,” said Erica Wallace, health & wellness coordinator for University Recreation & Well-Being. “We also want to reach out and help others who might want to quit, but haven’t yet succeeded.”


Wallace added that her team offers free health coaching for smoking cessation to any student who is ready to quit. And, free “quit kits” and smoking cessation information is  available to any interested campus community member at the Recreation and Athletics Center, OUSC office, Graham Health Center or the Kresge Library.


Oakland University also brings attention to its smoke free campus initiative by participating in a Clean Air Ambassador program. If you’d like to be a clean air ambassador, receive a clean air T-shirt and train on how to respectfully approach someone violating the clean air/smoke free policy on campus, contact Wallace directly at or call or stop by the Campus Recreation and Athletics Center.


Knowing tobacco use is extremely addictive and quitting is hard, the University Recreation & Well-Being team stands by to support those ready to take the first step and will be there for support for every step along the way. Quitting is possible and the road to a healthier lifestyle is waiting just around the corner.

Great American Smokeout banner for 2017
The Great American Smokeout is Thursday, November 16