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Campus health assessment reveals both challenges and successes

Sedentary work environments listed among the top challenges for faculty and staff, mental health and campus safety among top concerns for students

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icon of a calendarOctober 31, 2022

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Grizz Facts 22-10-31

In the Fall of 2021, 539 OU faculty and staff members responded to the National Faculty and Staff Health Assessment sponsored by the American College Health Association.

Results from the studies indicated that sedentary behavior during work hours, as well as pain from sitting at a desk, are areas for OU faculty/staff improvement.

The majority of faculty and staff report positive health practices such as meeting the recommended amount of aerobic exercise or completing their yearly physicals.

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In the Fall of 2021, 280 students responded to the ACHA survey at OU. Student mental health well-being is an area to improve, as is nighttime safety.

The majority of students reported a positive health status as well as feeling safe on campus during the day.

The ACHA-NFSHA survey supports the health of the campus community by fulfilling the academic mission, supporting short and long-term health behaviors, and gaining a current profile of health trends within the campus community. For more information about employee wellness programs, visit the Rec Well portal.

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