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A message from your Employee Recognition Committee colleagues

In the most challenging of times, Oakland's greatest asset has shown strength and perseverance

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icon of a calendarOctober 11, 2021

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It goes without saying we have faced many changes and serious challenges over the last year or more – not the least of which are dramatically altered work environments. And yet, all of us have done our best to stay focused on the meaningful work that convinced us to become part of Oakland University in the first place. Many of us have exceeded expectations with efforts to help students, colleagues and others keep moving forward. Our perseverance has emerged from a shared passion to help OU make very real and very beneficial impacts in the broader community.

Among the worst of COVID’s negative impacts is how easy it has become to feel forgotten, unappreciated or simply overwhelmed. That any of us are feeling one or more of these emotions is completely understandable, and it may help to realize that none of us who are feeling this way are alone. It may also help to know that each of us has a tremendous resource for support, acknowledgement and appreciation in difficult times.

That resource is each other.

Especially now, we humbly suggest that all faculty and staff make an extra effort to embrace a culture of recognition and appreciation. Can you share a kind word with or leave a thoughtful note for someone who’s work you admire and appreciate? Can you send a colleague a Golden Grizzly Recognition or nominate them for any of the many awards and recognitions the university offers?

Most importantly, will you keep an eye out for colleagues and friends who might be struggling? Will you lend an ear, an elbow or an open heart to anyone who could use help to stay focused, productive and positive?

The Oakland University community has always been a remarkably tight-knit and supportive community, and the people have always been the heart and soul of the university. We are the people. Even during this pandemic, we can and we undoubtedly will continue to be there for each other.

Thank you for who you are and everything you contribute to our community.

Members of the Employee Recognition Committee

Tracey Zang
Adrienne Bass
Stephanie Lee
Zach Zuchowicz
Dave Groves

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