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Position Review Committee launched to help strategically allocate limited resources

Committee will work with hiring supervisors to pursue university goals as efficiently and effectively as possible

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icon of a calendarMarch 8, 2022

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The university has launched the Position Review Committee (PRC) to assist hiring supervisors across campus with prioritizing positions to align with OU's Strategic Goals and to centrally control costs.

The following information is provided as an overview of the PRC initiative.

The PRC consists of the:

  • Interim Vice President for Finance and Operations
  • Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Vice President for Human Resources

Faculty positions subject to PRC approval

  • All positions on the basis of their necessity to fulfill the university’s academic mission

Staff positions subject to PRC approval

  • Represented and AP/IC/AA positions
  • Proposed new full- and part-time general fund positions
  • Proposed new full- and part-time auxiliary fund positions
  • Proposed major administrative reorganizations that result in two or more position changes, upgrades and/or vacancies
  • Casual and temporary employees hired through salary savings
  • Casual or temporary employees hired with central university support for coverage of a position on a paid sick leave
  • All interim positions
  • All positions proposed to be compensated with out-of-class pay
  • All positions proposed to be filled through temporary employment agencies

Positions exempt from PRC approval

  • Seasonal employees hired with revenue-dependent funding sources
  • Casual and temporary positions funded through existing wage budgets
  • 100% grant-funded positions

Position Request and Review Process 

  1. Unless a requested position is determined to be a critical need, a 45-day wait period starting the day after the incumbent’s last day must be observed to allow the hiring supervisor time to assess the needs of the department and consider whether, for example:
    1. there is a way to re-distribute the work duties;
    2. the work is essential or a redundancy; and
    3. the function can be automated or completed in another way.

  2. The hiring supervisor completes and submits the Position Review Form
    1. upon completion of the 45-day wait period; or
    2. upon request of a critical need exemption based on a necessity to maintain student success; campus safety; compliance and accreditation standards; legal, financial, data integrity and/or academic standards risk mitigation; or prevention of a substantial negative impact to the operation of the unit.

  3. The PRC reviews the request in the context of its:
    1. alignment with the university’s Strategic Goals;
    2. efficiency and effectiveness of staff utilization, including
      1. potential for performing the function in another way, and
      2. possible elimination of the function;
    3. current staffing levels;
    4. budget impact, including
      1. identification of funding source,
      2. potential for reallocation of position funding resources,
      3. potential to directly or indirectly increase revenues or reduce expenses, and
      4. potential for alternative configurations such as full-time/12 months or part-time/10 months.

  4. The hiring supervisor is permitted to:
    1. submit a position posting requisition upon receipt of position approval from the PRC; or
    2. submit a decision appeal request within 30 days of a position denial if substantial new evidence or information regarding the position request has been made available. Appeals should be made to the Chief of Staff.

PRC Meetings

The committee will meet on the second Monday of each month.

Position review request submission deadlines

To be reviewed at an upcoming meeting of the PRC, position review request forms must be submitted by the first Monday of the month in question.

Communication of PRC Decisions

The PRC will share position review decisions with hiring supervisors at least three days after the meeting in which the position was discussed or soon thereafter.


What happens to my position if it is not approved by the PRC?

The department will not be able to fill the position and its funding will roll over to a general university salary pool.

What happens to positions that we currently have posted?

Vice Presidents have been asked to review and assess current openings and make appropriate determinations. 

What are candidates being told about the position review process?

Applicants will only see positions that have been approved to post. There is no need to let potential candidates know that a position review process is taking place.

Will there be any impacts on internal-only searches?

Yes. To comply with existing policy #704, the PRC must be made aware of internal-only positions in order to ensure proper recruitment efforts. Filling of such positions will not be allowed to proceed otherwise. 

What happens to current casual or temporary employees who were hired using salary savings?

Such employees can continue in their positions for time frames approved as part of the position requisitions. Temporary hires are limited to six months. Six-month extensions of such time frames will require PRC approval.

What is the difference between the casual/temporary employees that require the PRC review and those that do not?

Casual and temporary hires that will use salary savings from an open position or are funded with central funds when covering a position on sick leave will require PRC approval.  All others that use funding from their wages budget do not need PRC approval.

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