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P-16 and P-17 lots set for closures in May and June

Restricted access to the lots will be implemented intermittently in conjunction with college and high school commencement ceremonies taking place on campus

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icon of a calendarMay 15, 2023

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The south half of the P-16 parking lot – located adjacent to O'Dowd Hall – and all of the P-17 lot – located adjacent to  the Central Heating Plant – will be closed in preparation for and during a number of area college and high school commencement events scheduled in May and June as noted below.

The lot closures will begin at 11 p.m. on the day prior to each event and will remain closed until the completion of events each day. Vehicles remaining in the lots at the time of closure may be towed.

Also during the upcoming commencement events, the P-18 parking lot, located immediately east of O’Dowd Hall, will be reserved for handicap parking.

Campus community members accustomed to using the P-16 and P-17 lots should plan ahead to use alternative lots. The patience and cooperation of those on campus is appreciated while the university hosts major community events.

Upcoming P-16 and P-17 lot closures

Saturday, May 20

Thursday, May 25

Tuesday, May 30

Wednesday, May 31

Thursday, June 1

Friday, June 2

Saturday, June 3

Sunday, June 4

Thursday, June 8

Friday, June 9

Saturday, June 10

Sunday, June 11

OCC Commencement

Pontiac HS Graduation

Rochester HS Graduation

Stoney Creek HS Graduation

Adams HS Graduation

Holly HS Graduation

Troy HS Graduation

Waterford HS Graduation

Romeo HS Graduation

Lamphere HS Graduation

UCS HS Graduation

UCS HS Graduation

P-16 and P-17 closures

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