School of Nursing

Human Health Building, Room 3027
433 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4452
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(248) 364-8733
M-F 8 a.m.-5 p.m. closed daily 12 p.m.-1 p.m.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Plan of Study

Full Time Plan of Study

Semester ICredits
MTH 0661 Elementary Algebra (If needed)
PSY 1000 Introduction to Psychology (Social Science)4
CHM 1040 Introduction to Chemical Principles4
BIO 1200 Biology I (Natural Science)4
WRT 1050 Composition I4
16 Cr.
Semester II
CHM 2010 Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry4
BIO 2006 Clinical Anatomy and Physiology 5

PHL 1000 (Formal Reasoning) or 1300 (Western Civilization) or

1100 (Western Civilization) or 1320 (Western Civilization)

WRT 1060 Composition II4
17 Cr.
Nursing Year 1
Semester I
NRS 2012 Introduction to Professional Nursing3
NRS 2014 Health Assessment/Lab4
NRS 2010 Pathophysiology3
BIO 3520 Introduction to Human Microbiology OR4
CDS 3300/3310 Microbiology of Infectious Diseases/Lab4
14 Cr.
Semester II
NRS 2020 Pharmacology4
NRS 2024 Fundamentals of Nursing Practice5
PSY 2250 Intro. to Life-Span Dev. Psychology (Integration)4
General Education4
17 Cr.
Nursing Year 2
Semester I
NRS 3015 Nursing Care of Adults I5
NRS 3016 Nursing Care of Individuals with Behavioral & Mental Health Disorders5
NRS 3012 Research for Evidence-based Practice (WI in Major)3
General Education4
17 Cr.
Semester II
NRS 3025 Nursing Care of Adults II5
NRS 3026 Nursing Care of Childbearing Family5
NRS 3022 Informatics for Nursing Practice2
General Education4
16 Cr.
Nursing Year 3
Semester I
NRS 4015 Nursing Care of Communities & Families (Diversity)5
NRS 4016 Nursing Care of the Childrearing Family5
NRS 4012 Nursing Leadership2
General Education4
16 Cr.
Semester II
NRS 4026 Nursing Capstone4 (1/3)
NRS 4031 NCLEX Success Strategies1
NRS XXXX Nursing Elective3
General Education4
12 Cr.
Total Credits = 125

Writing Intensive in General Education: Recommend Global Perspectives that also meets Writing Intensive in General Education

General Education: Students choose one approved course from each of the following categories: Arts; Foreign Language and Culture; Formal Reasoning; Global Perspective; Literature; Natural Science and Technology; Social Science; Western Civilization; Writing Intensive in the General Education. Students are encouraged to consult with an academic adviser for assistance selecting and scheduling general education courses and in particular the course selected to fulfill the Writing Intensive in the General Education within their academic schedule. In many instances, you may select one course to fulfill more than one degree requirement.