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Student offers advice to others learning online

Fri May 29, 2020 at 01:28 PM

Kourtney Bolbat began her education after getting out of the military several years ago. However with four young children, she wasn’t sure how she was going to juggle homelife, children and her education. Then, she discovered she could take many of her Oakland University classes online. 

Last year, Bolbat sent us this video to explain why online classes were the perfect arrangement for her...complete with an interruption from a child. See the video below. 

Bolbat plans to complete her degree in elementary education in fall 2021. Despite the closure of campus due to COVID-19, she has been able to keep up with her classes, though it doesn’t come without its own set of special circumstances. She said with all of her kids, which includes school-aged children down to an infant, and losing her childcare has made things more difficult, but like other OU students, she is working through it. 

“I’m currently enrolled in 16 credits this summer. It’s been very challenging, especially with one course being a four-week course, the workload is slightly overwhelming,” she told us when we caught up with her this week. “I try my best to do things during nap, which I end up not being able to do, as I am homeschooling right now as well. If not during nap, I end up doing it all after the kids go to bed,” Bolbat said. 

After several semesters of online classes, Bolbat has advice for all students who are new to the structure. 

“It’s important to keep a set schedule just as you would in an in-person class. You have the freedom, for the most part, to set your own schedule. I feel it’s beneficial to block out a certain time each day to work on schoolwork. For me, it’s naptime and bedtime for the kids,” Bolbat said.