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Take an engineering degree to the next level with MEM

Thu May 26, 2022 at 12:17 PM

Madelyn Cislo had a rich undergraduate experience at Oakland University. As a member of the Golden Grizzlies swim team, she participated in athletic events, lived on campus and immersed herself in her studies to become an engineer. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering in April 2022, Cislo is going to continue her education at OU, but in an online program–the Master in Engineering Management (MEM) program.

The MEM program is offered by the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department along with the School of Business Administration. The program offers students the tools and skills necessary for making sound management decisions in industry and business while still specializing in engineering. The program is open to any engineer.

Selecting a Program

"I've always known I was going to go into engineering," said Cislo. She planned to go into environmental engineering, but after meeting with an OU adviser, she decided Industrial and Systems engineering was a better fit. "From that day on, I was certain that it was what I was going to do.

Before finishing her studies, Cislo was hired at Ford after her summer 2021 internship. Many of her Ford peers are completing their master's degrees, so Cislo decided now was the best time to work on hers as well.

"Being able to start again in the fall, as I’m coming right out of college, I'm kind of still in that school mindset. I'm continuing with that and not allowing myself to have a large break," said Cislo.

After considering a Master of Business Administration degree, Ciclo reached out via LinkedIn to people who have completed either the MBA or the MEM program for advice and to learn what program would be best for her.

"I really wanted to stay in engineering. This program is great because it has a business aspect. Plus, I really wanted to stay at Oakland. I'm familiar with the campus, the professors and the interface of online classes at Oakland. In addition, the tuition is really affordable," said Cislo.

Cislo said she would like to earn the degree and use it to advance her career and obtain leadership and management positions and motivate others.

"Through this master's program, especially with the business aspect, I think that it's going to give me great insight and a leg up in my profession," said Cislo.

Online Offerings

The MEM program is offered 100 percent online and has a flexible curriculum–there is no single course that is required for all students. This allows students to tailor the program to their individual career needs.

Cislo said being able to take her classes online allows her to juggle her full-time job and school. Before the pandemic, Cislo said she had one or two online classes and she enjoyed the structure.

"I really liked the online classes. I could have the flexibility to do the class when I needed to," said Cislo. She said she could balance her coursework with her swim training schedule and do her work in advance.

While she said living on campus and being on campus as part of an athletic team had its perks as an undergraduate. Now, as she looks to juggle work and school, the flexibility and convenience of online classes is important too.

"l'm just really excited for this program. I think it's going to be fun. I'm excited to get a new outlook and aspect of what I'm working on. It'll be different and fun," said Cislo. "I loved going to Oakland for undergrad. It was such a family, it's a great community and I really enjoyed my experience. I'm excited to get my master's here as well."

For more information on the MEM program, visit the Master of Engineering Management Online Programs webpage