two men standing in front of a black Oakland University banner, addressing a seated audience

Student Life Lecture Board

The Student Life Lecture Board sponsors a popular and diverse series of lectures at Oakland University that educate, inform, motivate and entertain OU students and the community. Past Speakers have included Bill Nye, Tyler Oakley, President Jimmy Carter, Danny Glover, James Earl Jones, Robert Kennedy Jr., Kurt Vonnegut and Oprah Winfrey. Click here for a full list of past speakers. The Student Life Lecture Board is governed by a set of by-laws covering the purpose of the organization, its members, their responsibilities, meetings and amendments.

Current Student Life Lecture Board members include:

  • Hannah Clark, Student Co-chair
  • Jean Ann Miller, Staff Co-chair, Director, Center for Student Activities and Leadership Development
  • Amy Ring Cebelak, Residence Director, University Student Apartments
  • Elizabeth Talbert, faculty representative
  • Tricia Westergaard, staff representative
  • Madison Kubinski, OUSC representative
  • Cassie Hock, Student Program Board representative
  • Chanceya Shelton, ABS representative
  • Maddy Clark, student representative
  • Kynihay Brown, student representative