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Below is a partial list of OU INC's client companies. Please check back for updates.


Hybrid Scooter Company

Berylline is a technology and manufacturing company specializing in small-engine hybrid systems and personal transportation. Berylline’s F2A is the industry’s first Hybrid 3-Wheel Scooter targeting the leisure and local commuting market.


EdEn Inc.

Workforce Development Consulting

EdEn Inc. is a project management firm focused on helping clients navigate the economic and workforce development landscape. We have earned a reputation for excellence as a "bridge" firm connecting Southeast Michigan businesses, educational institutions, workforce and economic development entities. Our focus includes workforce incentives, grant writing, and needs analysis.



Measure, Monitor, Manage

Meazon offers a revolutionary, cost-efficient way of acquiring energy and sensor data in combination with big-data analytics, APIs’, and online services for the smart-energy market. Meazon brings physical assets together with business processes, creating value for its customers. Meazon was recognized by US Department of Energy in 2017.


The Memory Works

Improving Cognitive Functions

The Memory Works, LLC is commercializing proven, cognitive training programs for America’s senior population. Developed with Johns Hopkins University and clinically trialed through the National Institutes of Health, these programs increase independent activities of daily living, reduce age-related cognitive decline, and reduce the risk of dementia, 10 years after training.


Noble Gas Systems

Pressure Vessel Manufacturer

Noble Gas Systems is a manufacturer of advanced, conformable, high pressure gas storage tanks for use in vehicular fuel, industrial gas, and specialty applications. Noble tanks are much lighter and safer than traditional tanks, and enable significant value stream efficiency improvements in the storage and delivery of high pressure gases.



Sustainable Power Management

Time2Talk, LLC, is a Michigan-based software company founded by IT professionals for the healthcare industry. The company provides patented power-management software that addresses The Joint Commission's alarm fatigue concern while increasing mobile device availability, energy savings, safety, visibility, and objective cost savings data.


Wave Water Works

Wave-Power Technology

Wave Water Works, LLC produces the most promising wave-energy technology in the world and is a leading company in the development of wave-energy technologies. The patented Oscillo Drive is a scalable, plugin-play device that delivers great power and electricity by converting multi-directional movement of water waves into one continuous motion.