Chris Kobus

 Chris Kobus PH.D.
Director of Engineering and Energy Education 

Chris Kobus received his PhD from Oakland University in 1998 and was hired as a Visiting Professor in the School of Engineering and Computer Science (SECS), promoted in 2000 to a tenure-track position, and again in 2006 to Associate Professor with tenure. His specialties are in the clean energy space and STEM education. Dr. Kobus started teaching classes in the clean energy area with a grant from Next Energy in 2005. That curriculum has expanded and now engineering students can get a concentration in alternative energy systems. In addition, a non-credit certificate in alternative energy systems can be obtained and Dr. Kobus recently launched an energy management certificate program for business and engineering professionals that is makings its way into the curriculum as well.

Dr. Kobus was instrumental in the establishment of the Clean Energy Research Center (CERC). The CERC has a symbiotically interlinked scope in academics, research, campus facilities, local business incubation and K-12 outreach. In addition to his research, Dr. Kobus has taught some 17 different courses so far ranging from the thermal and fluid sciences to solid mechanics and dynamics, to alternative energy and nuclear systems.

Aside from his professional life, Dr. Kobus is a husband and father of 7 children. His hobbies include writing, energy efficiency projects in his home and physical fitness (he’s been a competitive natural bodybuilder since the 1980s).