April 2017

Unidentified creature found in bio preserve

Stunning aerial footage taken by Oakland University senior Christian Kettenbeil captures what appears to be a large creature walking through the OU nature preserve.

Kettenbeil noticed something was not quite right when he was taking over the oaklandu Snapchat today. His reaction, caught completely by surprise, was broadcast to OU's followers on the social platform.

“I was reviewing some footage that I took for my company Go Drone when I spotted something moving on the frame. I moved in closer to see what it was and all I could figure out was that it resembled a tall, hairy creature that was standing upright.”

Kettenbeil is majoring in general management with a minor in entrepreneurship. He is often seen flying his drone on campus to share on Instagram or to use for his business. The footage was taken while Kettenbeil was flying his DJI Phantom 4 drone over the preserve on the south side of campus.

The preserve covers approximately 110 acres of forests, meadows, streams and wetlands that are primarily used for teaching and research in the biological sciences.

“The Oakland University Biological Preserve harbors high-quality habitats including old-growth stands of deciduous trees, vernal pools, and oak savannah. If there are bigfoot in the area, this is exactly where we would expect to find them,” said Scott Tiegs, Ph.D., associate professor of biology.

The sighting is not the first in Oakland’s history. But with Kettenbeil’s drone footage, it’s the first photographic evidence. And with this evidence, the Department of Biological Sciences can officially begin incorporating the study of rare simian-like creatures, such as sasquatch, into the curriculum.

“Having bigfoot on campus would really create opportunities for student research, and I look forward to incorporating bigfoot surveys and habitat mapping into my BIO 301 (Ecology) labs this fall,” said Tiegs.

The preserves are also normally open to the public for hiking and biking. At this time, all recreational activities in this area are strongly discouraged until further surveillance and research can be conducted. It is advised that runners stick to the posted campus routes or within the Campus Rec Well facilities.

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