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The Linzi Hobbs Story

OUWB Student Linzi Hobbs poses for photo in lab

icon of a calendarNovember 27, 2018

icon of a pencilBy Jen Hogan

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Linzi Hobbs is a new graduate of Oakland University. Her story shows the combined power of OU faculty, staff and resources in preparing a student for success. 

Inspired by her grandmother’s 20-year battle with cardiovascular disease, Linzi majored in biomedical sciences. The path to her degree involved numerous experiences. Linzi was accepted into the Honors College. She pursued undergraduate research in the lab of Professor Randal Westrick, studying aspects of cardiology. And scholarships made her educational journey possible, allowing her to focus on her studies. Her hard work paid off when her thesis on cardiology research won a thesis award from the Honors College. She applied to a variety of medical schools, was accepted to several, but chose the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine (OUWB) where she can pursue cardiology and continue to work with Professor Westrick on research. 

Hobbs will join the next generation of cardiologists who do not give up on patients — who fight alongside them as an advocate and healer. Hobbs can achieve her dream of helping others because of the network of donors and funders who give generously to OUWB, the Honors College, the College of Arts and Sciences and undergraduate research. Plus, her success comes, in part, from those who created scholarships to help offset the cost of her education.

Hobb’s legacy will be as a doctor who saves lives — a legacy enabled by generations of donors, dating back to Matilda Dodge Wilson all the way through to today’s supporters, who stepped up to ensure a better future.

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