A career of care across campus

For nearly 30 years, Ann Dunlop took care of Oakland University's faculty, staff and students.

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Ann Dunlop talks to other retirees at a Pioneer Club's luncheon.

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Ann Dunlop and family pose with Grizz before attending a basketball game.

Pioneer Club

icon of a calendarMay 14, 2020

icon of a pencilBy Joan Rosen

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From 1987 until 2014, Ann Dunlop was a very important member of the Oakland University community. For 27 years, she took care of us — faculty, staff and students.

From 1987–90, Ann was “the” staff in what was then called “The Beer Lake Yacht Club.” She fed the students, cleaned up after them, and sent them into the world until the next meal. She loved the students and her interaction with them.

From 1990–2000, Ann moved from student care to animal care. Her title was “Lab Animal Technician.” Again, she was nurturing and feeding. Ann said that one of the advantages of being in the lab, and not in student food services, was that the animals never talked back.

2000–14 were the years Ann spent doing another necessary task — campus cleaning, not an easy job. The condition of some buildings, and the offices in them, would be appalling to some; but not to Ann who did an unpleasant job with grace and humor.

Ann has contributed to the welfare of her fellow workers through the Campus Maintenance and Trades Organization as well as to the greater OU community as 2020 retiree co-chair of the All University Fund Drive (AUFD). She also currently serves on the Pioneer Club Planning Committee.

If Ann had not torn a rotator cuff in 2014, she probably would still be working at OU dispensing her brand of TLC.

Ann and her husband live in Washington, Michigan . They have three grown sons, who share their parents’ love of hunting and fishing. Many happy times have been spent at their small lodge near West Branch. They are supporters of habitat preservation for forests and fisheries in the area.

Thanks to Ann for her many years of service.

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