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icon of a calendarAugust 5, 2019

icon of a pencilBy Mandy Summers

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When determining where to go to college, Mia Bridges knew she wanted somewhere close enough to home to attend family dinners and events if she wanted, but far enough away to have a complete college experience. Oakland University fit the bill. Born and raised in Detroit, Bridges loves the environment at OU.

“From the moment I stepped on campus, there was something about this place that caught my attention. It was beautiful for sure, but it was the people and culture that stood out for me,”
says Bridges.

Bridges entered college with the intention of focusing on the sciences, but after an impactful conversation with a writing and rhetoric instructor LaWanda Dickens, Bridges was ready to
explore a new field of study in communication. Her women and gender studies (WGS) minor was a part of that journey as well.

“My intro to WGS instructor, Kathy Patterson-Hawes, was a major reason I chose WGS as my minor. She made me realize things about myself and the world that I wanted to continue to

In addition to finding exceptional mentors and expanding her academic interest, OU provided Bridges with that full college experience that she was hoping for. Bridges currently lives on
campus and has been a part of the Ballroom and Latin Dance club at OU for almost two years.

“OU has given me the space and opportunity to become who I am today,” says Bridges. “Coming here allowed me the comfort of being close to home, but distant enough to explore in a way I hadn’t be able to before.”

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