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icon of a calendarJanuary 6, 2023

icon of a pencilBy Catherine Ticer

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Although Professor Emeritus Miron Stano retired from Oakland University in August of 2019 after 42 years and moved to Florida, his connection to the university – where he was a highly regarded economics and management professor in the School of Business Administration (SBA)–remains strong.

He continues to collaborate on research with a current faculty member and has given Zoom presentations for the school of nursing’s doctoral week program on topics related to health economics and nursing. He has also virtually attended economics department recruiting seminars and evaluated candidates.

Miron devotes a majority of his time to research and writing. He is in the competition phase of his co-authored text, “The Economics of Health and Health Care” (Routledge), scheduled for publication this year. The book will be a tribute to Sherman Folland, one of Miron’s two co-authors of the first eight editions. Folland retired from the SBA in 2016 and passed away in 2021. The newest edition will honor Folland’s dedication to education and his passion for teaching. Subjects addressed in the newest edition of the book include pandemic economics and healthcare disparities.

As academia continues to play an important role through retirement, Miron has many favorite OU memories. Significant among those memories is an overnight SBA retreat at the historic St. Clair Inn which occurred shortly after he joined the faculty in 1977. “There were no more than about 20 SBA full-time faculty members at the time,” he recalls. “Aside from the Inn’s wonderful hospitality, food and views of the river, the retreat confirmed that I made the right career choice. I sensed that I was part of the SBA family and that I could play a meaningful role in the development of the school.”

He stays in touch with other OU retirees including Professor Emeritus David Doane. “Aside from serving as the informal SBA archivist and organizing many memorable holiday parties, David embodied the spirit of collegiality through his unselfish leadership and sustained commitment to the school,” says Miron.

He holds great respect for OU’s students. “Average students are a little older than typical students and therefore OU has a more mature population,” Miron says. “Many students work a number of hours, carry a heavy course load and manage to be really efficient in putting it all together to do well academically.”

Rather than slowing down, Miron has picked up the pace of his life athletically. Nearby trails to his Clearwater condominium complex provide a picturesque landscape for hikes. He also enjoys biking and playing tennis.

He and his wife Haija, CAS ‘88, each participate in 10 exercise, yoga and dance classes per week. Activities he admits to neglecting in the past. “I’ve got some time now, so there is no excuse not to exercise,” he exclaims, adding that he feels fortunate to be able to share these activities with his wife.

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