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Mentor-mentee duo discovers the transformative power of collaboration success

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School of Health Sciences

icon of a calendarMarch 5, 2024

icon of a pencilBy Nykiera Thomas

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Hnou Vue, SEHS '17, an academic adviser in the School of Health Sciences (SHS), has fostered collaborative and comfortable relationships with students. Vue decided to further her education after her undergraduate studies. “The Master of Education in higher education leadership program at Oakland University was a perfect start because it allowed me to stay in the education field,” says Vue.

Throughout her experience, Vue shadowed advisers, gaining insights into the significance of nurturing meaningful connections with students. Having earned her master’s in 2017, Vue embarked on her professional journey as an academic adviser in the School of Health Sciences.

As part of her role as an adviser, Vue regularly meets with transfer students interested in SHS. “I met Hnou on the first day of orientation, and we toured the campus and talked about my personal experience from my last school,” explains Eliana Ritt, SHS ’21, “Then, we made a plan about what I can do to graduate early.”

Assuming the role of Ritt's adviser due to her transfer status, Vue demonstrated a proactive approach to assisting Ritt. Her mentorship involved crafting a customized plan to navigate suitable courses and understanding the transferability of credits. “It is important to know and understand students' goals and aspirations; from there, you can create a more tailored plan for them,” says Vue.

Ritt explains how Vue's compassion and kindness made her feel welcome and comfortable. “I wanted to attend an out-of-state graduate school, and the university I chose did not have prerequisites for undergraduate students, so it took a lot of work to know what classes to take,” says Ritt. The mentorship that Vue was able to provide allowed Ritt to ask questions and visit her as often as she wanted to. With Vue's help, she was able to graduate a semester early.

Since graduating from SHS with a concentration in holistic health in 2021, Ritt now attends graduate school at DePaul University, majoring in occupational therapy. Ritt credits her acceptance to graduate school to Vue. “I owe a lot of my current standings as a student to her,” she says. “She is the one who guided me to holistic health, which helped me boost my application when applying to graduate school.”

“The mentorship from Hnou encouraged me to be active on campus with extracurricular activities that helped me expand my viewpoint and studies at OU,” adds Ritt. “I currently use those same methods in grad school.”

The relationship between Vue and Ritt has flourished organically over time, evolving from a mentorship into a deep and meaningful friendship. “A good mentor needs to be transparent about their values,” explains Vue. “Connecting personally about culture and family has allowed us to stay in touch.”

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