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In The Gold Seat With Mike Ross

Sitting down with the artist, muralist and gallerist

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Josh Scott

We sat down with the 2003 College of Arts and Sciences graduate, Mike Ross,to talk about his life as an artist.

MAJOR: Anthropology and Studio Art, 2003

OCCUPATION: Artist, Muralist, Gallerist

FAVORITE STUDY SPOT ON CAMPUS: The backroom music library at WXOU

FAVORITE CLASS: Painting II with Dick Goody and film with Robert Eberwein

FAVORITE CAMPUS EVENT: Peter Snadden’s “Minimall” art opening

BEST CAMPUS MOMENT: I always loved when I’d get in range on my way in and tune in WXOU; It was like a direct line to what I’d find once I parked and started the walk to class

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR ART STYLE: A mix of chaos and order — sort of post-modern and graphic with an organic feel, a little bit surreal and dreamy; I like to think of each painting as a weird and comforting place to step into, though maybe sometimes a little scary

FAVORITE PIECE OF ART CREATED: Always the most recent one

FAVORITE PIECE OF ART NOT BY YOU: “Playscape II,” and everything else by Charles McGee

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED AS A STUDENT: “Always bring a sandwich!” — Paul MacLeod

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