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In The Gold Seat With Robert Gaylor

Sitting down with former resident of the historic Gate Lodge

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Robert Hall

We sat down with honorary alumnus Robert Gaylor and talked about his time living in the historic Gate Lodge at the Meadow Brook Estate.

TITLE: Former librarian and professor at OU


YEARS OF SERVICE: I worked at OU for 38 years.

SOMETHING UNIQUE ABOUT YOURSELF: I lived in the Gate Lodge on the Meadow Brook Hall Estate.

TIME SPENT LIVING AT THE GATE LODGE: I moved in shortly after Mrs. Dodge Wilson died in 1967. Anybody from the OU family could be considered, but since I had been at OU the longest, I won out. I lived there for about 30 years.

FAVORITE MEMORIES: I planned volleyball parties at the Gate Lodge every year. There would be five parties a year. I entertained hundreds of people who attended these parties. One of these parties was a drag queen fundraising event which raised around $2,000 to buy TVs for the gay hospital ward in Metro Detroit.

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