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Formula SAE Race team unveils 2019 car

Team to race in USA, Canada and Germany this year

Louay Chamra, dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Science at Oakland University, welcomed faculty, staff, students and sponsors to the 2019 Formula SAE car unveiling event on May 17, 2019.

Adam Delbake, president of the Grizzlies racing club, talked about the strides being made with this year's car before it was unveiled.

Dean Chamra and faculty adviser Professor Brian Sangeorzan assisted the team during the unveiling of this year's Formula SAE race car.

Members of this years Grizzlies Race team took time for photos next to their newest creation following the unveiling of this year's race car.

For the second year in a row, the Grizzlies Race team has held a special unveiling event and invited sponsors to come and join in the fun of showing off the latest model of their Formula SAE race car.

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Formula SAE Race team unveils 2019 car
Students, faculty, staff and car sponsors were in attendance as Oakland University's Grizzlies Race team unveiled their latest model of their Formula SAE race car with a little assistance from Dean Chamra and Professor Sangeorzan.

In front of a gathering of sponsors and SECS faculty, staff and students, the 2019 version of the Oakland University Golden Grizzlies Formula SAE race car was unveiled on Friday, May 17 in the atrium of the Engineering Center.

Louay Chamra, dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Science, welcomed the gathering, thanked sponsors for their time and support of the team and reminded them how much students learn outside the classroom because they are able to compete in Formula SAE racing.                

Adam Delbeke, mechanical engineering major and president of Oakland University’s Formula SAE race team, explained many of the workings and specifications of this year’s car. He was joined at the microphone by several Grizzlies Racing teammates who shared specific information on chassis and electrical components of the car. Later, the marketing leader talked about the growth of the team’s presence on social media and at their team website:

About the team:
The Grizzlies Racing group at Oakland University is a student run organization which builds a race car each year to race in the Formula SAE series. Oakland University has been racing with the Society of Automotive Engineers for decades. In the mid 1990s, the chapter switched to the Formula SAE competition. Oakland placed 13th of 130 teams in 2003 and set the Formula SAE record for most improvement year-to-year. They have continued to build upon that success and remain competitive in the subsequent years.

The Formula SAE competition is based around a formula style race car running an engine with a maximum displacement of 750 cc. The vehicle starts with a student design that follows the guidelines put together for Formula SAE competition vehicles. The competition encourages students to be innovative and develop new ways to come out above competitors. When the design is completed, the car is built and tested by the students to prove their designs.

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