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Higher Learning Commission Team to visit OU in February 

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icon of a calendarDecember 21, 2018

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Higher Learning Commission Team to visit OU in February 

If you haven’t already, you will likely hear the acronym HLC in the coming weeks. It stands for Higher Learning Commission and peer reviewers from this higher education accrediting body will be on campus assessing Oakland University’s progress in meeting its mission, vision and commitment to students in February.

The goal for the university is to reaffirm, based on evidence, that OU meets HLC’s criteria for accreditation so we can continue as a regionally accredited university.

Oakland first earned regional accreditation in 1966 and has been continually accredited since that time. The university maintains accreditation under the Open pathway offered by the HLC and is scheduled for its next 10 year accreditation/reaffirmation site visit in early 2019.

During the review process, the HLC conducts looks at the evidence of OU activities to confirm that the institution continues to meet the group’s Criteria for Accreditation, is pursuing continuous institutional improvement and complies with requirements set by the U.S. Department of Education. As part of the review process, a team of trained HLC peer reviewers will visit OU to get input from students, faculty, and staff, as well as to evaluate the physical and academic resources of the university.

Universities are considered for reaffirmation of accreditation based on five basic criteria. They include: meeting a mission of providing a high-quality education, acting with integrity, maintaining degree programs that are appropriate for higher education, offering continuous program evaluation and improvement and having the resources and planning in place to fulfill the mission.

Did you know: Oakland University’s official mission statement is:

“Oakland University cultivates the full potential of a diverse and inclusive community. As a public doctoral institution, we impact Michigan and the world through education, research, scholarship and creative activity.”

In addition to being a great place to learn and work, Oakland University is also an active community partner providing thriving civic, cultural, and recreational opportunities and valuable public service.

Learn more about accreditation by visiting the Higher Learning Commission website


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