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Wearable BioButton now available to campus community

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icon of a calendarNovember 19, 2020

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Wearable BioButton now available to campus community
To help protect campus from a COVID-19 outbreak, Oakland University is offering students, faculty and staff an advanced technology device called the BioButton free of charge.

To help protect campus from a COVID-19 outbreak, Oakland University is offering students, faculty and staff an advanced technology device called the BioButton, created by BioIntelliSense Inc. These wearable devices are now available to students, faculty and staff free of charge.

The BioButton tracks a wearer’s skin temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate at rest. The BioButton app combines the wearer’s vital sign information with answers to a set of daily screening questions to indicate if users are cleared for regular activities or at risk for a COVID-19 infection. The device is attached with adhesive to the upper left chest and can be worn for approximately 30 days.

A BioButton can be picked up in-person at the following locations:

Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at:
Vandenberg Hall

Hillcrest Hall or
Oakland Center

Monday – Friday from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. at:
The Rec Center

A Grizz Number and Grizz Card are required to receive the device, but there is no cost to the user. BioButtons will not be mailed individually. They must be picked up in-person by the user with proper identification.

Vice President for Research David Stone, Ph.D., leads the OU team that evaluated and chose this innovative technology for OU.

“Oakland University is on the forefront of using wearable devices to battle COVID-19 outbreaks on college campuses. Scientists and policymakers across the world are scrambling to properly react to this pandemic. OU is joining the battle by looking outside of the box for creative and new problem-solving opportunities,” Stone said. “The button is one of a number of tools and strategies we are using. Face coverings, social distancing, regular hand-washing and daily screenings for all members of the OU community are essential for limiting person-to-person spread of the virus. Our hope is that the BioButton can help us prevent individual spread from becoming major outbreaks.”

While any member of the campus community can participate in wearing this device, it is highly encouraged for students living in on-campus housing, student-athletes, faculty conducting in-person classes or on-campus research, and staff who interact in-person with students.

Recently, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer Glenn McIntosh participated in a beta test of similar wearable technology from BioIntelliSense Inc. wearing a BioSticker for weeks to experience what users will encounter with the BioButtons. “It is as easy to use as we hoped,” McIntosh said. “Once you put it on, you just go about your business and forget it’s even there.”

For a complete overview of the BioButton technology, please visit the Grizzlies Protect Grizzlies web section.

Questions regarding distribution of the device can be emailed to [email protected]. Technical help, is available at [email protected]. Other inquiries regarding the device can be emailed to Dr. Stone.

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