OU INC client Time2Talk partners with Definitive Technology Group

icon of a calendarJune 22, 2020

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OU INC client Time2Talk partners with Definitive Technology Group
OU INC client Time2Talk partners with Definitive Technology Group
Inside the medical and non medical industries, customers using TPMU to focus on device tracking and utililzation are starting to show 20 percent ROI related to the lack of utilization of devices they have deployed in large enterprises.

OU INC client Time2Talk (T2T) has partnered with Definitive Technology Group (DTG), to be DTG’s proprietary device management software provider. The partnership is a breakthrough in bringing sophisticated, yet affordable device tracking technology to an array of customers in varied industries.

“During these difficult times, Time2Talk and Definitive Technology Group are working together to help businesses spend less and save more,” said T2T CEO Dean Figlioli.

“We’re partnering to bring our customers a distinctive brand they can count on for device management,” said DTG CEO Steve Shaheen. “We’re pleased the offering enables us to respond to a market seeking affordability in device tracking. We strive to be No. 1 in providing our customers high quality solutions at a fair price. Partnering with T2T was a perfect fit.”

Enterprises seeking to track the utilization of their investment in deployed technology can now pinpoint which devices are in use and assist with proactive maintenance requirements. Current customers are proactively reducing their fleet and real estate footprint, resulting in exponential returns on their investments. 

“This partnership delivers high value to our customers, as an outcome of listening to them and evolving to meet customer needs,” Figlioli said. “DTG and T2T will now offer an application that is no longer limited to mobile and medical carts. T2T’s universal TPMU software, monitors desktops, thin clients, swappable batteries, and other devices. We hope the value we deliver enables our customers to direct tremendous cost savings towards the core of their business.”

In the medical industry, customers purchasing DTG carts will now experience additional ROI related to device and space utilization. This benefit is currently offered as a bundle and pairs with T2T’s Talking Power Management Utility’s (TPMU) ongoing capabilities to:

• Help medical providers comply with TJC requirements to reduce alarm fatigue,

• Achieve savings through reduced energy consumption,

• Proactively ensure device availability for patient care,

• Reduce costs by recognizing and proactively replacing failing batteries within warranty periods,

• Report routinely on ROI’s provided by TPMU features.

“These capabilities, in addition to TPMU’s compatibility with multiple cart providers, made it a perfect match to become our propriety device management provider,” Shaheen said. “We’re delighted to bring our customers the opportunity to experience an eight-to-one return on their investment.”

For more information, or to purchase T2T’s and DTG’s technologies and services, contact DTG at (978) 532-0444.

About OU INC

OU INC is a Smartzone Business Incubator and Innovation Center, in collaboration with the City of Rochester Hills, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and strategic industry partners. With a focus on the energy, medical device, and information technology sectors, OU INC provides entrepreneurial resources and strategic business solutions for developing business ventures and accelerating ideas to market. OU INC is a designated Soft Landing Facility through the International Business Association for international companies. For more information go to oakland.edu/ouinc.

About Time2Talk, LLC

Time2Talk, LLC provides a patented, device management, utility software solution that is deployed to mobile-computer carts, laptops, tablets, thin clients, and desktops to facilitate greater understanding of real time device utilization, uptime (availability), energy savings, and visibility, and to provide objective cost savings data. Visit https://www.time2talk.net for more information.

About Definitive Technology Group

Definitive Technology Group is a global distributor of battery-powered products and services. DTG delivers returns to their customers through technology and workflow optimization within medical systems, retail locations, and fulfillment and distribution centers. DTG stands on a reputation of delivering quality at a fair price. Visit https://www.definitivetechnologygroup.com for more information and purchase requests.

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