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25-member leadership team charged with finding innovative path forward

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icon of a calendarNovember 26, 2019

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Embarking on Reimagining OU

In a highly collaborative effort that draws on a range of viewpoints and expertise from staff and faculty, the Reimagining OU leadership team will hold its initial meeting this week.

The purpose of the Reimagining OU initiative is to find ways to position Oakland University as a thriving higher education institution, while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the university’s operations, and further fostering a strong identity and university culture.

The 25-member committee is co-chaired by Arts and Sciences Dean Kevin Corcoran and Honors College Dean Graeme Harper. The co-chairs and committee members have been appointed by OU President Ora Hirsch Pescovitz.

“The OU of the future must be responsive, relevant, engaged, and committed to continual evaluation and innovation,” she said.

“With a clear vision and sense of purpose, our aim is to be further recognized as a university that provides academic programs, experiences and opportunities for students to succeed, while partnering with the region to enhance the quality of life, and conducting research that is key to unlocking mysteries and supporting economic development.

“And, of course, we expect our campus will always strive to be a model of diversity, equity and inclusivity.”

Reimagining OU was formally introduced to the OU community during President Pescovitz’s State of the University address on Oct. 22. The president’s rationale is part of a broader strategy in response to increasing financial pressure, projected enrollment declines and steadily decreasing public funding support.

“For OU to be a dynamic, sustainable and The University of Choice, we must act strategically to reimagine OU,” she said. “To succeed in meeting that challenge, we must proceed collectively to pursue our shared mission, vision, values and goals, and become a more efficient, effective and collaborative organization.”

The 25 members are organized into three committees: Culture and Identity, Structures and Processes, and The Path Ahead. Each committee will review the current status of processes and programs in its area, and then present improvements, and collaborative opportunities.

At this point, there is no set date for the Reimagining OU team to submit its recommendations. However, the team will meet regularly throughout the academic year, and is expected submit findings by next fall.

“We’re both establishing a process for continuous improvement, and creating a model for collaboration that we hope will be an ongoing approach as we set out to elevate the profile and impact of Oakland University,” said Dean Corcoran.

“This will be a fabulous opportunity for everyone in the OU community to contribute their ideas and their passion to help make our wonderful university even better,” said Dean Harper.

“Reimagining OU” Leadership Team: Kevin Corcoran, Graeme Harper, Steve Waterfield, Suha Al-OBalli Kridli, Jesse Hurse, Emeritus Professor David Bricker, Mandy Summers, Tom LeMarbe, Song Yan, Peggy Cooke, Willie Tuggle, Emily Spunaugle, Kevin Grimm, Erin Sudrovech, Shane Lewis, Emeritus Professor Mohan Tanniru, Cynthia Myree-Coppin, Joi Cunningham, Steve Zmich, Lori Marsh, Mike Crum, Fabia Battistuzzi, Berkley Browne, Chris Kobus, Patrick Cassady, and Adam Kochenderfer.

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