Anthony Marc Williams

Anthony Williams

Anthony Marc Williams
Special Lecturer

654 Mathematics and Science Center
(248) 370-2705

PhD, Philosophy, Duke University (Durham, NC), 2003

Research Areas
Ethics, Metaethics, Moral Psychology

2011. "Comparing Incommensurables," The Journal of Value Inquiry 45 (3): 267-277
2011. "Forgiveness, Resentment, and Intentional Agency," Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism 19 (1).
2008. "Why Survival is Enough," The Journal of Value Inquiry 42 (4): 433-449

Course Offerings
Upcoming Courses
PHL 101: Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 103: Introduction to Ethics
PHL 104: Introduction to Ethics in Science and Engineering

Past Courses
Critical Thinking
Philosophy of Human Nature
Philosophy of Science
Moral Psychology
Philosophy of Race and Racism
Moral Epistemology
African American Philosophy