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190 Classroom Scheduling


RATIONALE:  The Registrar is responsible for establishing policies and procedures for the scheduling and management of General Purpose Classrooms, as defined below.  The result is efficient room utilization, avoidance of scheduling conflicts, and the facilitation of the assignment or reassignment of classrooms due to variances in actual versus projected course enrollment.

POLICY:  General Purpose Classrooms are scheduled on a priority basis for class instruction in support of the academic mission of the institution.  All other requests for the use of General Purpose Classrooms are scheduled based on the following priority:

  • University sponsored student recruitment and special events.

  • University academic unit meetings and conferences.

  • University approved testing site for ACT, LSAT.

  • School district testing such as Advanced Placement (AP)

The Registrar has the authority to review and approve classroom schedules and assignments for compliance with established policies and procedures.  This authority includes rescheduling courses and changing General Purpose Classroom assignments for effective and efficient module and classroom utilization.  If necessary, the Registrar can also allocate General Purpose Classrooms to academic departments by day/time modules in support of equitable classroom utilization.
Other Instructional Space such as Laboratories/Studios, seminar and conference rooms on the University’s main campus, are assigned to specific academic departments and are not controlled by the Registrar.

SCOPE AND APPLICABILITY:  This policy applies to all University personnel and non-University constituencies who require the use of General Purpose Classrooms.


General Purpose Classrooms means any instructional space on the University’s main campus, such as classrooms, seminar rooms, lecture halls and conference rooms assigned to the Registrar for class scheduling.

mean specialized instructional space on the University’s main campus, appropriate for academic disciplines such as the sciences, arts, education and business.

Other Instructional Space means seminar and conference rooms on the University’s main campus, assigned to specific academic departments.  In addition to classes being held in these rooms, departmental meetings and other related events may be scheduled in this space.

PROCEDURES:  All General Purpose Classroom use requests for academic instruction are approved by the Assistant Registrar in Registration.  All General Purpose Classroom use requests for non-instruction are sent to the Assistant Registrar in Registration for review and room assignment if approved. 

To access the form, go to the Office of the Registrar's website and choose the Room Request Form under General Information.

Laboratories/Studios are assigned to academic departments for instruction and research.  Given their specialization and the sensitivity of equipment and research, non-laboratory classes are not scheduled in these rooms.

Other Instructional Space is available to the Registrar for class scheduling.  The Registrar must submit a request to the appropriate dean for scheduling of Other Instructional Space.  The dean or the dean’s designee must review the request and notify the Registrar of room availability within a reasonable time. 


Office of the Registrar's website


Room Request Form