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OU Administrative Policies
and Procedures

371 Wilson Blvd., Suite 4000
Rochester , MI 48309-4482
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OU Administrative Policies
and Procedures

371 Wilson Blvd., Suite 4000
Rochester , MI 48309-4482
(location map)

310 Building Repairs, Alterations, Renovations and/or Modifications


RATIONALE: To establish clear guidelines to ensure repairs, upgrades, alterations, renovations and/or equipment and systems installations of University Facilities are developed, reviewed, authorized and implemented according to standards and applicable construction and life safety requirements through the Facilities Management Department. Authorization is needed to protect the University and ensure quality and consistency.

POLICY: All requests for building repairs, upgrades, alterations, renovations and equipment and systems installations including plans, must be sent to Facilities Management for review regardless of the funding source or work force. The Associate Vice President (AVP) of Facilities Management, or his/her designee, must approve all plans prior to bidding any contract or using any other entity to perform the work. Facilities Management will determine how the plans will be implemented. Any exception to this policy will require a written approval from the AVP of Facilities Management.

SCOPE AND APPLICABILITY: All members of the University community (administrators, faculty, staff, students and independent contractors) are required to abide by this policy.



1.  Repairs, upgrades, alterations and/or renovations, including but not limited to: 

  1. Cosmetic work such as painting or carpeting

  2. Repairing furniture or equipment

  3. Adding, replacing, or relocating doors, walls, or windows

  4. Attaching to walls or ceilings (example shelving)

  5. Altering or penetrating corridors or ceilings

  6. Adding to or dividing existing spaces

  7. Working on any building utility systems including electrical, plumbing, ventilation, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, security systems, laboratory fume hoods, and telecommunications.

2.  Repairs, upgrades, alterations renovations and equipment and systems installations  within University buildings or on campus grounds may not be performed by departmental staff, students, or volunteers, without prior written approval for the AVP of Facilities Management, or his/her designee. This will only be approved for very simple projects that do not impact any building systems and can be completed safely with minimum risk of injury and must meet established standards.

3.  Work must be performed by University skilled trades employees and any exception will follow the OUCMT contract.

4.  When outside contractors are authorized to undertake a project the work must be supervised by the Facilities Management Department. Attention must be paid to the following: 

  1. The health and safety of University personnel and the general public, the Environmental Health & Fire Safety Department must review and determine appropriate action

  2. Coordination to minimize disruption of on-going University business or activity 

  3. Coordination with existing campus and building standards

  4. Compliance with all applicable Federal, State, Local and University regulations, codes, standards, and policies

  5. Proper installation methods and standards so as to minimize future building maintenance costs

5.  Contractor services must be arranged through applicable University procurement and contracting policies and procedures, regardless of the funding source for the work.

6.  Regardless of size, all work must be reviewed and a determination of code requirements will be made. Facilities Management will submit drawings and specification to the proper Federal, State, Local and University authorities to obtain permitting, if required. 

7.  Non-approved projects that are initiated in violation of this policy will be corrected if necessary by the Facilities Management Department, with all associated costs charged to the responsible unit, non-compliance may result in disciplinary action.

All departments, including Auxiliary Units, requesting any form of remodeling, alterations, renovations, modification, and/or equipment systems and installations of University facilities must submit a standard online Work Request to the Work Control Center within Facilities Management, see policy 380 Work Orders for more information. Plans, drawings, and special requirements must be attached to provide supplemental information. Consultant services, with the consent of the requester, will be engaged as necessary to meet the department’s needs. Self-help projects, designed for implementation by volunteer groups, must also be submitted for review and authorization to the AVP of Facilities Management.


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