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350 Key Control


RATIONALE:  The following policy is intended to ensure Oakland University maintains a high level of security, and to provide notification to the University community of the appropriate procedure to obtain, handle, transfer and return key(s).


I.  Key Control Responsibilities

  1. Reporting to the Manager of Building and Grounds, the Key Control Officer is responsible for:
  1. adherence to current key control policies and recommendations for their improvement;

  2. maintenance of lost key records in consultation with the Facilities Management and Oakland University Police;

  3. maintenance of key distribution file;

  4. contacting Facilities Management in writing when keys are lost or stolen and determining, in consultation with Facilities Management, whether or not the locks should be re-cored. Sensitive locations containing high value property should be brought to the attention of the Manager of Building and Grounds;

  5. approve all duplicating/replacement lock and/or key requests;

  6. maintain a lock repair/replacement and key replacement program, in coordination with campus departments and University Services Property Manager, that will ensure reasonable security and convenience to departments. Locksmith services are provided via the work order system and Key Request Cards;

  7. maintain a central lock location file;

  8. upon receipt and proper approval of Key Request Cards, allow duplication and issuance of keys;

  9. coordinate all re-keying with the appropriate department head, and University Services Property Manager; and

  10. conduct periodic key audits.
  1. Department heads or authorized representatives are responsible for:
  1. Authorizing the issuance of keys to departmental staff on a necessity only basis. Students shall not be issued keys to buildings or offices for access outside of business hours, unless circumstances dictate prior written authorization of the department head. If a student is given a key it should be obtained from the supervisor at the beginning of the workday and returned to the supervisor before termination of the workday. Students working alone after hours, with key access, must possess the written authorization of the appropriate department head, and make it available to the Oakland University Police Department upon request.

  2. Ensuring keys are transferred to authorized individual only.

  3. Obtaining all University keys from employees who are transferring to another department or terminating their employment; and returning those keys to the Key Control Officer for reassignment to authorized holders. When keys are reassigned to another employee, new Key Cards must be filled out and submitted to the Work Control Center; indicating from whom the keys were transferred.

  4. Notifying the Key Control Officer of key holders who are no longer employees of the department. Key redistribution shall only take place via the Key Control Officer.

  5. Reporting lost or stolen keys to Oakland University Police, Work Control Center and Property Manager.
  1. Key holders are responsible for:
  1. Submitting a Key Request Card (see Appendix A) to their department head.

  2. Maintaining the physical security of the key at all times. Temporarily transferring or loaning keys is permitted only with appropriate department head authorization.

  3. Ensuring that the key is not duplicated at off-campus sites.

  4. Immediately reporting the loss or theft of a key to their supervisor and Oakland University Police.

  5. Verifying individuals are authorized before allowing them access to University buildings or rooms.

  6. Returning keys to their department head or authorized department representative, upon termination from the University or transfer to another department.
  1. The University Human Resource Department shall provide immediate written notification of all personnel transfers and terminations of employment to the Manager of Buildings and Grounds and the Key Control Officer.

II.  Information Technology Network Closets and Computer Rooms:

  1. Requests for information technology network closets and computer room keys shall be directed to the Assistant Vice President of University Technology Services.

III.  General Purpose Classroom Key Requests:

  1. Requests for general-purpose classroom keys shall be directed to the Classroom Support/Technology Services Department.

IV.  Special Requirements for High Security Areas:

  1. Departments requesting high security locks ("X" cores) must justify the need in writing. The academic dean, or department head, and the divisional vice president must support the request. The supported request must be forwarded to the Key Control Officer, who with the Director of Police will make the final determination of the request. The cost associated with the lock service will be charged to the requesting department. "X" cores will not normally be placed within spaces protected by electronic security control systems.

  2. "X" lock areas will not receive maintenance or custodial service except by special arrangements, with an authorized departmental representative present. Maintenance personnel shall not have access to "X" lock keys.

V.  Key Security Issues: 

  1. In order to maintain lock hardware compatibility, personal locks or noncompliant hardware may not be used to control access to University space.

  2. Locks may not be changed without the prior approval of the appropriate department head and the Key Control Officer. A Work Request and Key Card (see Appendix A and Appendix B) must be submitted for this service. Unauthorized locks will be removed at the department's expense.

  3. Duplication of keys at off-campus sites is strictly prohibited. Local area locksmiths have been informed not to duplicate any Oakland University keys.

VI.  New Keys:

When departments move to new facilities, Facilities Management will provide a basic key set. General fund supported departments will be provided a basic key set at no charge. Non-general fund-supported activities will be charged a nominal fee for provision of basic key set. A Work Request Form and Key Request Card(s) must be submitted for this service. Keys for old facilities must be turned in when new keys are received. See Appendix A & B.

VII.  Additional Keys:

Facilities Management will charge for additional keys. To obtain additional keys, the requesting department must complete a Key Request Card (see Appendix A) and submit it to the Key Control Officer. An authorized departmental representative and the Key Control Officer must approve the key request. The Key Request Card must include the organization number to be charged.

VIII.  Alarm Keys:

Any requests for alarm keys must be coordinated with the Director of the Oakland University Police before being submitted to the Key Control Officer.

IX.  Desk/File Keys:

A Key Card is not needed to request a desk or file key. Complete a Work Request Form, including the signature of the appropriate department head, and submit it to the Work Control Center.

X.  Room Access:

During normal business hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.): access to locked classrooms may be obtained by contacting the Office of the Registrar at Ext. 3470. After Hours and Emergencies contact the Oakland University Police at Ext. 3331. 






Appendix A

Appendix B