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486 University Posting Policy


RATIONALE:    To notify the community about the appropriate procedures and locations by which groups or individuals may be permitted to Post printed material on Oakland University (University) property and in University buildings.  

POLICY:    Any officially recognized University department or organization may Post materials which pertain to the activities of the group on any authorized bulletin board or display area, subject to restrictions and regulations defined in this policy.  


Any off-campus group or individual(s) wishing to Post any materials on campus must obtain prior approval from the Center for Student Activities.  If approved, this material may be posted on authorized bulletin boards or display areas.  When advertising for a service, product, activity or event which is already provided for by a University department or organization or when materials are not consistent with the University role and mission, a disclaimer must appear on each piece of posted material stating that it is not a University sponsored service, product, activity or event.  


All printed material must be approved and date stamped at the Center for Student Activities before posting on campus.  


Oakland University reserves the right to deny requests from any group or individual seeking permission to post a notice on campus if that posting meets any of the criteria below.  


  A.  Posting impedes normal University activity,

B.  Posting does not follow University guidelines and procedures set forth in this policy,
C.  When circumstances exist on campus which would make posting printed material inappropriate. 
D.  Posting contains contents which are in violation of University policies or ordinances, state or federal law.
E.  Posting is not consistent with the University role and mission.  

SCOPE AND APPLICABILITY:    This policy applies to any University or non-University group or individual wishing to post information in public areas on campus, on campus bulletin boards or other display areas.  



Post/Posting:  The display on any University property of printed material which advertises non-University services, products, activities or events.  


Officially Recognized OU Group:  University departments, faculty and staff organizations, student organizations of record, and OU Alumni organizations.  



I.  Posting Regulations

Violating any posting regulations or requirements can result in disciplinary action and/or service charges.  Violators may also be charged with violation of OU ordinance #4.21 Signs, as published on the Student Handbook University and Regulations web page.  

A. Basic Regulations

1. Posters, flyers and other printed material are not to be affixed to entrance doors or windows, furniture, restroom mirrors, plants, trees, poles and painted surfaces on University property and in University buildings.

2. Only thumbtacks, not staples or tape, are to be used to post printed information.

3. Posting material will be removed after 30 days of the date stamp.  Posting material not date stamped is subject to immediate removal.  

4. Personal postings or advertisements are to be posted on authorized bulletin boards or display areas only.  

5. Only one posting of printed material can be posted on bulletin boards and display areas.  

6. Postings must be within the frame of the bulletin board.  Do not post on top of other printed material.  Do not remove other printed material already posted unless outdated.  

7. There is no posting of adhesive-backed materials (i.e. stickers) on any surfaces, including trees, poles, trash and recycling containers. 

8. Posting by "chalking" can be done on sidewalks where there is no overhang and chalk can be washed away.  Chalking cannot be done on any surface except sidewalks and the bridge.  Paint of any kind on sidewalks is prohibited, including chalk paint.  

9. Paint can be used to decorate the "spirit rocks" located outside the Oakland Center and in the Hamlin Courtyard.  Painting of all other rocks is prohibited.  Painting of all other surfaces is prohibited.  

10. Posting on vehicles in any University parking lot is prohibited.

B. Oakland Center/University Housing Regulations

1.  Banners can be ordered and hung in the Oakland Center through the Center for Student Activities. 

2.  Banners and other printed materials to be posted in and around the residence halls must be approved by the Department of University Housing; banners and other printed materials to be posted in and around the Campus Recreation Center must be approved by the Department of Campus Recreation.  Banners are not permitted to be hung on the windows in the Fishbowl of South Foundation Hall.  

3.  Placement of table tents in the Oakland Center can be scheduled through the Center for Student Activities; Vandenberg Dining Center table tents through the Departmenht of University Housing.  

C. Student Mailbox Regulation

1.  Student organization mailboxes can be used for distributing information about on-or off-campus services, products, activities or events with approval from the Center for Student Activities.  

2.  Student mailboxes in the Department of University Housing are not available for distributing information about on-or off-campus activities sponsored by student organizations and off-campus groups or individuals.  

D. Student Government Election Regulations

Postings during the annual student government elections are subject to Oakland University Student Congress Election Commission and Center for Student Activities posting guidelines.   

E. Campus Roads and Entrances Regulations

No promotional signs displaying services, products, activities, events, political or personal messages can be placed along the campus main perimeter roads or at main campus entrances without the approval of the Vice President for Finance and Administration or their designee.  Refer to OU AP&P #320 Campus Signs for further details.  

III.  Enforcement


For additional information about posting or to report complaints regarding violations of this policy, contact the Dean of Students Office or the Center for Student Activities.  
IV.  Disclaimer

By its review and acceptance of materials for posting on campus, Oakland University does not endorse or warrant services, products, activities, events, political or personal messages advertised on these printed materials.  


For more information on how to promote programs, activities and events on campus, refer to http://www.oakland.edu/csa/policies  regarding additional policies and procedures on advertising.   



OU AP&P #320 Campus Signs


OU AP&P #415 Distribution and Solicitation on Campus.