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OU Administrative Policies
and Procedures

371 Wilson Blvd., Suite 4000
Rochester , MI 48309-4482
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OU Administrative Policies
and Procedures

371 Wilson Blvd., Suite 4000
Rochester , MI 48309-4482
(location map)

770 Temporary and Casual Employees


RATIONALE:  To provide guidance to the Oakland University (University) community when  filling Temporary and Casual staff positions.

POLICY:  Temporary Employees may be hired either to supplement regular staff by filling in for temporary vacancies or to complete special projects. Casual Employees may be hired to supplement regular staff. All Temporary and Casual positions are filled in accordance with relevant University policies, Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) and are consistent with applicable laws.

SCOPE AND APPLICABILITY:  This policy applies to all administrators, faculty, and staff who are responsible for hiring Temporary or Casual Employees.


Temporary Employee:  An employee who works in a position for a limited period of time. Duration of a temporary assignment is defined as follows:

  • Clerical Temporary Employees:  Temporary Employees performing clerical duties can work for a period of six (6) months or less per annum.
  • Service Temporary Employees:  Temporary Employees performing service duties can work for a period of eight (8) months or less per annum.
  • Administrative Temporary Employees:  Temporary Employees performing administrative duties can work for a period of six (6) months or less.  The temporary assignment may be extended for an additional period of six (6) months but the temporary assignment must not exceed one year.

Casual Employee:  An employee who works 19 hours per week or less, but the duration of their employment is not limited.  A Casual Employee may also work an on-call schedule.

Temporary Services Vendor:  A Vendor which provides assistance with hiring employees.  See preferred vendor contact information on the Purchasing Department website for current Temporary Services Vendor.  


1.  Employment Laws: Temporary/Casual Employees are subject to the same employment laws as regular employees. Hiring departments must comply with all University policies and employment laws.

2.  Personnel Requisition: Departments are responsible for processing Temporary/Casual Employment requisitions in the online system in advance of the proposed start date. All hiring documents must be completed and approved by all parties including Human Resources (HR) prior to the Temporary/Casual Employee beginning work. 

3.  Budget: Departments are responsible for ensuring they have sufficient budget to cover Temporary/Casual Employee costs.

4.  Pay Rates: Departments shall consult with HR to determine pay rates that are consistent with the work being performed. Temporary/Casual Employees are paid at an hourly rate for each hour actually worked.

5.  Pay Schedules: Temporary/Casual Employees are paid bi-weekly and are required to record their hours. 

6.  Benefits: Temporary and Casual Employees are not eligible for OU benefits including, but not limited to, health care, retirement, tuition reimbursement, paid time off, paid vacation time, personal time, sick time, emergency closing, or holiday pay.  Temporary and Casual Employees may be eligible for certain benefits as defined by State or Federal Law.

7.  Physical Examinations: Candidates for Temporary and Casual positions who will be performing physical labor are required to pass the University approved physical examination before employment.

8.  Posting Requirements: Temporary and/or Casual positions are expected to be posted on the Human Resources webpage if they are recurring positions, except for positions related to a student to staff hire, staff to student hire and, extended employee absence.  Departments should consult with Human Resources when a unique hiring situation arises (e.g., significant University event) regarding job posting.  

9.  Background Verifications: Temporary/Casual Employees must complete an appropriate criminal background verification prior to beginning work. The type of position held will determine the type of background verification required, which includes but is not limited to, criminal, credit and driving record checks. An offer of employment will not be extended until the background verification has been deemed acceptable by HR.

10.  Authorization to Work: Upon completion of all hiring documents, HR will notify the department with authorization to allow the Temporary/Casual Employee to begin working. Allowing the employee to begin work without authorization is prohibited.

Temporary and Casual Employees will not be considered internal candidates as outlined in OU AP&P # 704 Internal Promotions and Transfers.

11.  Personnel Files: HR is responsible for the maintenance of official employment records of all staff employees. An employee may review the contents of their personnel file during University normal business hours by filing a written request with HR to review their file. 

12.  Temporary Services Vendor:  A Temporary Service Vendor may also be used to hire Temporary and Casual Employees.  Departments who elect to use an external vendor will not follow the internal hiring process.  Procedures listed above as # 2, 4, 5, and 8 do not apply. All time limits, hours and other work-related rules apply to persons hired by the Temporary Services Vendor. The vendor is responsible for conducting background verifications and setting the pay rates. Services are paid through the accounts payable process. For additional information on using a Temporary Services Vendor please reference the Purchasing Department website.


OU AP&P #704 Internal Promotions and Transfers

OU AP&P #725 Filling Vacancies (Excluding Academic)
OU AP&P #1170 Student Employment

OU AP&P #406 Conflict of Interest


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