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1220 Travel: Foreign Study Or Academically Related Travel


RATIONALE:    To provide guidance to Oakland University (University) personnel proposing international student programs to be sponsored by the University for foreign study or other academically related purposes.

POLICY:     Student travel programs outside of the United States are part of the University's educational mission.  To address the accountabilities needed to undertake such travel and the associated risks, the procedures contained herein must be followed. 

SCOPE AND APPLICABILITY:    All University faculty, staff and students, as well as any non-University travel participants, must comply with this policy. 



Program Organizer: The University employee(s) responsible for administering an approved international student program for foreign study or other academically related travel.

Program Participants: University students, guest students, faculty, staff, and any other attendees.

Sponsoring Department: The University department or academic unit responsible for oversight of the international student program for foreign study or other academically related travel.

University Sponsored Event: For the purposes of this policy, University Sponsored Event means any international student program for foreign study or other academically related student travel required to be approved by the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost (Provost), or designee.

University Students: Students enrolled in a course or courses at the University during the study abroad or active students eligible to register for classes.




Prior to the initial offering of a University Sponsored Event, the Sponsoring Department must describe the details of the program in an outline that includes but is not limited to the following:

1. Purpose of the program
2. Proposed itinerary
3. Potential pools of participants
4. Budget. Sources of funds must be identified. Requests for funding to subsidize the program should be directed to the appropriate dean.
5. List, including contact information, of individuals, agencies, and organizations responsible for travel arrangements.
6. Other relevant information, including University credit being offered.
7. If travel to a location under a U.S. State Department travel warning is being proposed, an explanation of how the program will provide for the safety and security of participants under the conditions specified in the warning is required. For a full list of travel warning countries, go to www.travel.state.gov and click on “Travel Warning.”

Once the outline is complete, approval of the program is a three-step process:

1. Submit the outline of the proposed program to the appropriate dean for preliminary approval.
2. Forward the dean-approved outline to the Director of the Office of International Education for review and consultation.
3. Provide the preliminarily approved and reviewed outline to the Provost, or designee, for final approval.

Proposals should be submitted no later than the beginning of the semester prior to the semester in which the program will occur so that the Program Organizers have sufficient time to recruit participants after the program’s approval.

Accounting Requirement

Once a program has been approved, the Sponsoring Department must work with the respective unit business manager to establish a dedicated fund to account for all revenue and expenditures associated with the program. All student foreign study programs must have a distinct fund.

Purchasing Process

Once a program has been approved by the Provost, or designee, the Sponsoring Department must work with Purchasing to make travel arrangements, pay program fees, and procure other services required by the program. The Sponsoring Department must submit a purchase requisition and a copy of the approved plan outline to Purchasing, along with any information regarding prices and services of suggested travel agencies, proposed itineraries, or special requirements. If applicable, a justification for the use of a sole source vendor for services must be included.

Under certain circumstances, the Sponsoring Department may want to consider the option of working with partners (airlines, overseas program providers) who will facilitate direct individual payments by students. Purchasing must approve any such arrangement.

Organizers and participants of this type of travel are also subject to the requirements of OU AP&P #1000 Procurement and OU AP&P #1200 Travel.

Billing Process

The Program Organizer and/or Sponsoring Department must work with Student Business Services (SBS) to determine the best and most appropriate method to receive payment from program participants. Possible methods include student billing through student accounts, Marketplace, or other vehicle identified by SBS.

Receipt and handling of payments must comply with OU AP&P #210 Cash Receipts. Depositing funds into a bank account other than an established University account is prohibited by OU AP&P #210 Cash Receipts. All receipts must be deposited to the dedicated program fund, either at the OU Cashiers Office or through other means established through SBS.


The Sponsoring Department must contact Risk Management to determine appropriate insurance coverage by overseas partners.

All travelers are required to participate in the University’s foreign travel insurance program. Participants must register at least two weeks prior to departure and can register on-line at the Risk Management website.

It is the responsibility of the Sponsoring Department to confirm with Risk Management that all participants are insured before departure.

Clery Act Compliance

At least two months prior to departure, the Sponsoring Department must contact the Oakland University Police Department (OUPD) for Clery Act compliance review. The Sponsoring Department must provide a detailed itinerary and any written agreements for facilities to OUPD.


At least two weeks prior to departure, the Sponsoring Department must file the following with Risk Management, the Office of International Education, and OUPD:

• A roster of all participants including student contact information, emergency contact information, and student identification numbers, if applicable
• A group itinerary including pertinent contact information for each phase of the travel outside the United States
• Documentation of Clery Act compliance review with OUPD.

Promotional Material

After a program is approved, the Office of International Education will assist with the distribution of flyers and promotional material.

Hold Harmless Agreement

All travelers are required to sign the Traveler Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement (Appendix A) and the Emergency Contact Form (Appendix B). These forms will be maintained for at least three (3) years from the date of the program. Travelers not submitting the forms will not be allowed to participate.


If required by the University, all travelers must participate in a foreign travel orientation provided by the Sponsoring Department at least two weeks before departure. The Office of International Education is available to assist in the orientation.

Repeat Programs

Once a program has been approved and run successfully, continuation of the program is subject to the approval of the appropriate Dean. Re-approval by the Provost to repeat a program is not required but all other procedures noted in this policy must be followed for each successive program.

Program Organizers must notify the Office of International Education and Risk Management each time the program will be repeated.

Safety Concerns

Before departing, Sponsoring Departments must review travel warnings at http://www.travel.state.gov to determine if any warnings affect their destination. If the destination has become included in a travel warning, the Provost’s Office must be notified immediately. The Provost will determine if the travel is still allowable.

In case of emergency while abroad (natural disaster, political unrest, student health issue, etc.), Risk Management must be notified immediately. If Risk Management is unavailable, notify OUPD. 


OU AP&P #210 Cash Receipts

OU AP&P #1000 Procurement

OU AP&P #1200 Travel



Appendix A: Traveler Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement