Office of the President

Wilson Hall, Room 204
371 Wilson Boulevard
Rochester , MI 48309-4486
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  • Ora Hirsch Pescovitz

Office of the President

Welcome to the Office of the President

Ora Hirch Pescovitz
I want to share how excited and energized I am to be on campus and to send this, my first message to you. There is a readily apparent and shared desire here to enrich the lives of OU students and of people throughout the region. I could not be more thrilled to join you in that ambition. In fact, I consider it a joy to contemplate the wonderful things we can and will accomplish working together.

Please know that I am tremendously grateful for the warm and enthusiastic welcome that you have offered since my appointment on May 4. It is so gratifying to be received this way, and you have made me all the more eager to support this community and its strong, clearly demonstrated commitment to excellence.

I have been impressed to learn of the collective talent, creativity and capabilities here at Oakland. Each of these is an asset that the University will need to use to its fullest potential in order to achieve our goals of disseminating, expanding upon and gainfully applying knowledge.

In these initial weeks and months of my tenure, I look forward to meeting with and learning from you. I want to find ways to bolster your efforts so that we can meet and exceed our shared objectives.

Each of you has contributed to what Oakland University is today, and each of you continues to have an opportunity – as I am now proud to say I do – to help shape what will become an even more distinctive and highly regarded institution in the years to come.

Without question, we face challenges – some of them significant. I want to invite you to join me in viewing these challenges as mile markers along a road leading toward the better University we all want Oakland to become, and ultimately toward the very best University it can be.

We have all the resources we need to adopt and fine tune strategies that enable broad access to college education, high student achievement, progressive basic and applied research, and social growth and prosperity. We can also leverage unique assets we possess to attract the most promising students, distinguished faculty and staff, prominent community and corporate partners, and powerful benefactors ready to invest in initiatives that invoke positive change.

I consider it the opportunity of a lifetime to engage in this work with you, and I hope that you share this perspective as we press the accelerator and drive toward the very promising future ahead of us.

Once again, thank you and best wishes.

Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, M.D.