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Making A Difference: Ms. Robinson - Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences

icon of a calendarJuly 15, 2020

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Making A Difference: Ms. Robinson - Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences
Ms. Rochelle Robinson standing with a man and a young girl in a gymnasium with tables full of clothing.
Ms. Robinson with students

The PSA Office would like to thank and recognize Ms. Rochelle Robinson, who is the Transportation Coordinator and an active member of the Planning & Development/Parental Affairs and Community Relations committee at DAAS.

CEO Mr. Maurice Morton, shared, “Ms. Robinson is the epitome of a 'do it all" employee. She always volunteers to help out whenever there is work to be done. She loves the students at DAAS and would give her last dime to help them. It is no wonder why she is always the most loved employee amongst the students. DAAS is fortunate to have the person we know as, 'Ms. Wonderful'."

Ms. Gabriela Chulevski, K-2 Principal expressed, "Ms. Robinson wears many hats in the district, from taking care of transportation & managing custodial and security services to being a parent liaison and homelessness support person, she does it all. I often hear her say 'I got you', no matter who is requesting help (a student, a staff member, a parent, a stranger). She always finds a way to provide support."

Mr. Daniel Young, 3-5 Principal shared, "Ms. Robinson is the one person who ensures that the work of DAAS extends far beyond academics and reaches the hearts of each of our families by showing love in tangible ways. She ensures the love of DAAS is not merely spoken, but expressed in action."

During this time of uncertainty, Ms. Robinson understands the value of not leaving any child behind, and feels strongly that the district provides each child with dignity and love to increase their chances of success.

Thank you, Ms. Robinson, for bringing your passion and commitment to the students of DAAS. We think you are wonderful, too!

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