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Rochester, MI 48309-4482
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For quotes and pcard purchases please utilize Apple ecommerce site, to create your own official Apple Education Price Quotes and submit to Apple as authorized purchaser, please follow these steps:
  • Go to  Apple ecommerce
  • Choose country - US,
    • a box will appear next to US
    • input Oakland University
  • If registered, login 
  • Once logged in, near the tool bar should read Apple Store for Oakland University | Welcome (your name)
  • If not registered, click "Register" and follow the prompts
  • When asked for the manager's email address for approval, input Paula Reyes, preyes@oakland.edu
  • Select items
  • Add items to the cart
  • Under CHECKOUT click "Send Proposal" and
    • fill out the necessary information 
    • A proposal will be received by email, within 5-10 minutes 
    • Once proposal is received - Convert to order
    • Follow the prompts
    • At checkout click the drop down arrow to select a different shipping address for desk top delivery.  Include an attention to or contact name for Receiving to find who to deliver the product to. 
FAQ for all questions regarding the store (registering as a purchaser, proposals, Apple id etc.), please visit:
For questions not answered or to receive individual service, call 1-800-800-2775, select option 2, then option 3 for assistance and over the phone registration.
  1. Please utilize the ecommerce site to purchase apple products using an OU pcard.
  2. PURCHASE ORDER - Send the Requisition with the Quote to purchasing@oakland.edu.  Include the contact information (name, email address and telephone number) for Apple to know who to contact regarding the order.
  3. Pcard purchases - if not ordering through the ecommerce site, submit this order request using Apple's ordering form. Make sure to fill out all sections for accurate receiving, billing and unit registration, to institutionorders@apple.com, and Apple will process the order on the same day. 

Apple contact information:
Apple, Inc., 12545 Riata Vista Circle, MS 186-ED, Austin, TX 78727

For order status:
Call 1-800-800-2775, Option 4, then Option 3.
Email:  < SSOCentralWestHiEd@apple.com >
On Line:  < http://www.apple.com/OrderStatus
Inside Account Executive
Jessica Morris
Apple Education
Apple Inc.
(512) 674-2873
Account Sales Team:
Sheri Schultz, Education Account Executive
Apple Education
Apple, Inc.
(734) 997-0575
Kelly Mathhews
Apple Education
Apple Inc.

Please Note:  As a reminder, software purchases are not allowed on a pcard.   Software can only be purchased via a purchase order (PO).    The following form must be submitted for UTS approval software & hosted solution purchasing checklist prior to submitting a Requistion to Purchasing.    A ticket will be generated when the form is submitted.  Once UTS approval is granted, send the approved Requisition, quote and a copy of UTS approval ticket to purchasing@oakland.edu for Buyer assignment.