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Information for Vendors

Welcome to OU Purchasing!

Oakland University’s purchasing practices welcome and encourage all eligible suppliers, regardless of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin, who are interested in doing business with the University to partake in RFP processes, respond to open bids, and participate in the University’s procurement of goods and services.

Our team is committed to:

  • Providing quality customer service, and delivering the best overall value while ensuring an ethical, open and competitive environment
  • Building, managing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between the university and its many suppliers 
  • The strategic goals and  support the university's commitments to environmental responsibilities

University Purchasers have the responsibility to request quotes from 2 suppliers when the estimated value of the purchase is below the $10K bid threshold.  Purchasing will solicit an RFx from three or more suppliers when the estimated value of the purchase exceeds the bid threshold, unless the items can be obtained under an existing OU, cooperative or consortium contract.  Purchasing Policy containing bid thresholds: Procurement Policy #1000

The Purchasing team will post the RFx to the Bid Opportunities page on the website, and if available, will send an email notifying suppliers of the release and important dates.  Once the responses are received, it is the responsibility of Purchasing to award the purchase order to the most qualified, responsive, responsible bidder. Purchasing may consider factors other than price. If you have questions about a particular RFx, contact the Buyer listed.

Terms and Conditions:

Click on the following for updated Terms and Conditions also available at Office of Legal Affairs, General Council and Secretary to the Board of Trustees website.



We understand parking can be a concern, however, since parking is free of charge, all suppliers, vendors, contractors, etc. doing business with OU may only park in the parking lot within a marked parking space.  Parking on the sidewalk is prohibited, parking in the loading dock area is available to unload only.  Tickets will be issued to all Non OU vehicles that are parked on the sidewalk.  Vehicles may be towed.  

OU Clean Air - Welcome to our Smoke Free Campus:

All suppliers visiting campus must follow OU policies.  Non-Smoking Policy 475  states that smoking is prohibited on all University owned or operated Campuses and Grounds, and in all University owned or operated Buildings and vehicles.  This Policy applies to all University faculty, students, staff, contractors, vendors and visitors, and applies to all University owned or operated property except for the private residences in the Meadow Brook Subdivision.

No Solicitation Policy:
All company representatives must first contact the Purchasing Department which will have them call upon certain departments where they may be of service. When departments want assistance from company representatives, they should inform purchasing, which will contact the representative. Any sales representative who contacts a department directly should be referred to the Purchasing Department.   #415 Distribution and Solicitation on Campus