Registrar Services Location

North Foundation Hall, Room 160
318 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4454
(location map)
(248) 370-3450

Office Hours:
M-F 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
(open until 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday)

Office of the Registrar

O'Dowd Hall, Room 100
586 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
(location map)
Fax: (248) 370-2586

Meet the Staff

The Registrar's Office is committed to ensuring you have a successful experience at OU. We are here to help you with registration, transferring credits, academic records, and more. 

General contact information

Registrar 370-3450
Schedule of 370-3450
General purpose classroom 370-3450
Questions about transfer
Electronic transcript for transfer
Graduation 370-3460
Exception 370-3455
Residency 370-3455
Headshot of Tricia Westergaard

Tricia Westergaard

(248) 370-4585
headshot of Paul Battle in a suit and tie

Paul Battle
Sr. Associate Registrar
(248) 370-4856
Headshot of Karla Brown

Karla Brown
Assistant Registrar
(248) 370-2508

Christy Bryant
Associate Registrar
(248) 370-4582
professional headshot of Jon Davidson

Jonathan Davidson
Associate Registrar
(248) 370-3471

Chris Goeth
Associate Registrar
(248) 370-2563
Mallory Kuhn Headshot

Mallory Kuhn
Assistant Registrar
(248) 370-4581
man in a gray suit jacket and blue shirt smiling at the camera

Steve Meyer

Sr. Systems & Data Analyst
(248) 370-2791
woman in a black sweater smiling at the camera

Jamie Wilson
Assistant Registrar
(248) 370-3857

Julie Dermidoff
Transfer Student Adviser
(248) 370-4891

Renee Ligeski
Sr. Transfer Articulation
(248) 370-4940

Melodi Osborn
Transfer Articulation
(248) 370-3492

Matt Zeig
Transfer Articulation
(248) 370-4615
Office of
the Registrar
Tricia Westergaard
Registrar 370-4585101 ODH
Robin White
Administrative Secretary 370-3470101 ODH
  • Budget support
Enrollment and
One-Stop Services
Registrar Services
(248) 370-3450

Team Members:
Elizabeth Forester-Coughlin, Registrar Office Coordinator
Wendy Allen, Office Assistant III
Tara Drury, Office Assistant II
Koffi Ramsey, Office Assistant III

Most questions should be referred to the Registrar Services team through the general email or phone above. One of our team members will assist you with your question or issue.
  • General  student, faculty or staff questions
  • Registration support
  • Enrollment verifications and guest applications
  • Student record changes e.g. address, confidentiality, legal name changes
  • Enrollment reporting
  • Enrollment exceptions
  • Residency reclassifications
Jamie Wilson
Assistant Registrar 370-3857160 NFH
  • Manage daily customer service
  • Support registration and enrollment issues
  • Exceed maximum credit review
  • Manage enrollment reporting
  • Registration Cancellation Processing
Chris Goeth
Associate Registrar 370-2563160 NFH
  • Banner Student (registration, enrollment, and schedule of classes) setup, upgrades, enhancements and troubleshooting
  • Escalated registration and enrollment issues
  • Enrollment reporting compliance
  • Residency policy
Koffi Ramsey
Office Assistant III 370-3455160 NFH
  • Enrollment exceptions
  • Residency reclassifications

Schedule of Classes
(248) 370-3450

Alena Ziga
Registrar Scheduling Specialist
  • Schedule adjustments
  • General purpose classroom assignment for class or program requirements
  • Final exam scheduling
Elizabeth Forester-Coughlin
Registrar Office Coordinator
ejforest@oakland.edu160 NFH
  • Undergraduate prerequisites (CAPP or Degree Works Prerequisites)
Chris Goeth
Associate Registrar
  • Schedule of class production
  • Policy compliance
  • Ad Astra system administrator
  • Reports

General Purpose Classroom Reservations
(248) 370-3450

Wendy Allen
Office Assistant III

  • General purpose classroom reservation requests (for class or program meetings see Schedule of Classes)
Chris Goeth
Associate Registrar
  • Enforcement and compliance
  • Data analysis

Military Compliance
Chris Goeth
Associate Registrar
  • Military reporting
  • Federal and state compliance
  • Postsecondary education compliant system point of contact
Christy Bryant
Associate Registrar 370-4582102 ODH
  • Curriculum
  • Grading
Mallory Kuhn
Assistant Registrar 370-4581102 ODH
  • Degree Works
Chris Earl
Office Assistant III 370-3460102 ODH
  • Undergraduate Graduation Auditor (CAS/SECS)
  • Petitions / Change of Major (CAS/SECS)
Lisa Welker
Office Assistant III 370-4923102 ODH
  • Undergraduate Graduation Auditor (SBA/SEHS/BIS/SHS/SON)
  • Petitions / Change of Major (SBA/SEHS/BIS/SHS/SON)
Yvonne Plentis
Office Assistant III 370-4941102 ODH
  • Grade Changes
  • Diploma Re-orders
  • Degree Posting
Terri Johnson
Transcript Assistant 370-3454102 ODH
Anne Marie Lelli
Transcript Assistant 370-3454102 ODH
Julie Dermidoff
Transfer Student Adviser 370-4891160 NFH
  • Provide general pre-transfer advising and major exploration for prospective and current transfer students
  • Provide information on transfer credit equivalencies and articulation

Transfer Articulation
Paul Battle
Sr. Associate Registrar 370-4856100 ODH
Lidia Czabanski 
Office Assistant III 370-4262160 NFH
  • Transfer Articulation Assistant
  • Readmit Evaluator
  • Transfer Equivalency Data Analysis
Renee Ligeski
Sr. Transfer Articulation Coordinator 370-4940160 NFH
  • MI 4 year Arts & Sciences transfer equivalency decisions
  • Out-of-State Arts & Sciences transfer equivalency decisions
  • Transfer Equivalency Data Integrity
Transfer Articulation Specialist
160 NFH
  • 2-year in state
  • CAS course equivalency decisions
Melodi Osborn
Transfer Articulation Specialist 370-3492160 NFH
  • 2-year in state
  • CAS course equivalency decisions
Matt Zeig
Transfer Articulation Coordinator 370-4615160 NFH
  • 2-year in state
  • CAS course equivalency decisions
  • Oversees MI Community College Transfer Guides

Transfer Evaluation
Linda Dauzy
Office Assistant III 370-3459100 ODH
  • Transfer Credit Evaluator: New Admits / Military and out of state
Irene Edgett
Office Assistant III 370-3462100 ODH
  • Transfer Credit Evaluator: Current Students
Cheryll Kress
Office Assistant II 370-4925100 ODH
  • Transfer Credit Evaluator: New Admits / 2-year in state
Jon Davidson
Associate Registrar 370-3471106 ODH
  • Project Management
  • State/Federal Reporting
  • Data Analysis
  • Technology
Karla Brown
Assistant Registrar 370-2508101 ODH
  • Technology
  • Reporting
  • Communications
  • Webmaster
Laurie Presti
Registrar Office Coordinator 370-3458106 ODH
  • Reporting Support
Steve Meyer
Senior Systems & Data Analyst 370-2791100 ODH
  • Reporting Support
Linda Gamage
General Education Coordinator 370-4264102 ODH
  • Processes General Education Transfer Course Reviews
  • Processes General Education Petitions of Exception
  • Maintains General Education Web Site and Espace
  • Maintains General Education Meeting Agenda and Minutes
  • Creates the General Education Annual Report