Transfer Equivalencies

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For more information on how specific major requirements may be met, please view the program-specific transfer guides.

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ART - General Ed Arts Area DIV - General Ed U.S. Diversity FR - General Ed Formal Reasoning GP - General Ed Global Perspective KA - General Ed Knowledge Applications LG - General Ed Foreign Language and Culture LIT - General Ed Literature NSTB - General Ed Natural Science and Technology (Lab)* NSTL - General Ed Natural Science and Technology (Lecture)* NSTN - General Ed Natural Science and Technology*
SS - General Ed Social Science WCIV - General Ed Western Civilization WF - General Ed Writing Foundations WIG - Writing Intensive in General Education TRC XXXX - General Elective Credit Subject XXXX - Major Elective Credit (ex: PSY XXXX) *Must complete NSTN or both NSTL and NSTB to satisfy the Natural Science and Technologspan general education requirement.

OU’s Transfer Credit Evaluator contains course equivalencies for community colleges and four-year institutions (courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C- or 2.0 on a numeric scale).

Equivalencies are intended for reference purposes and are subject to change. The inclusion or exclusion of courses does not guarantee applicability of transfer courses to a degree program.

All students must complete all requirements of general education, including one course (of three or more credits) in each of the following 10 knowledge areas: Arts, Foreign Language and Culture, Formal Reasoning, Global Perspectives, Literature, Natural Science and Technology, Social Science, Western Civilization, Writing Foundations, and Knowledge Applications. Note that courses in these knowledge areas may not double count with each other. Some courses in the tool will list two knowledge areas, in these instances, the course will satisfy one of the two areas listed. For example, ANTH 1000 from Macomb Community College is equivalent to OU's AN 1111 and satisfies either the GP, global perspective or the SS, social science general education category.

Additionally, all students must complete a course satisfying the U.S. Diversity (DIV) requirement. U.S. Diversity may double count with any of the 10 knowledge areas listed above.