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Transfer Credit Evaluator Tips


General Education Categories: You must satisfactorily complete 40 semester hours of general education by completing an approved course from each category. A three semester-hour transfer course may serve as the required course in a particular category but you must still present a total of 40 general education credits, and all 10 general education areas must be represented for graduation. General education attributes will be noted under comments in the OU equivalent course information section.

TRC _XXX: The course transfers in as a free elective. It will count towards the overall credit total at OU; however, generally will not fulfill any major requirements.

Subject _XXX (PSY for psychology): The course transfers in as elective credit in that subject area.

Transfer Course: The course from the transfer institution.

Course Equivalency: The course equivalency section displays how the course will transfer to OU. A course that transfers in as a direct equivalent to an OU course will have a subject area and course number listed under the course equivalency section. A course that transfers in as subject _XXX will count as elective credit in that subject. A course that transfers in as TRC _XXX will count towards general elective credit.

Effective Term: All course equivalencies have been updated to the Fall 2017 semester to coincide with the conversion to 4 digit course numbers.


Attributes: General education attributes are noted under the comment section in the tool. All students must complete all requirements of general education, including one course (of three or more credits) in each of the following 10 knowledge areas: Arts, Foreign Language and Culture, Formal Reasoning, Global Perspectives, Literature, Natural Science and Technology, Social Science, Western Civilization, Writing Foundations, and Knowledge Applications. Note that courses in these knowledge areas may not double count with each other. Some courses in the tool will list two knowledge areas, in these instances, the course will satisfy one of the two areas listed. For example, ANTH 1000 from Macomb Community College is equivalent to OU's AN 1111 and satisfies either the GP, global perspective or the SS, social science general education category. 

Additionally, all students must complete a course satisfying the U.S. Diversity (DIV) requirement. U.S. Diversity may double count with any of the 10 knowledge areas listed above.

No transfer credit awarded: The transfer course has been reviewed and will not transfer to OU.

Course credit will not be counted as 3000 or 4000 level credit to meet OU or major degree requirements.: When a lower level transfer course (generally 1000-2000 level) is equivalent to an upper level (3000-4000) course at OU it cannot be used to meet the 3000-4000 requirement. The transfer course will satisfy the same requirements as the OU course with the exception of the 32 credits of upper level coursework required to graduate.