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ARMS Summary

Advanced Research Methodology Services

Could you benefit from the help of a methodological expert in writing a grant proposal and carrying out your funded research? Currently, success rates for major federal and foundation funders are below 15% and the area reviewers focus on the most – and are most critical of – is methodology. In order to be competitive, methods must be cutting edge and the descriptions of those methods must be clear and concise.

The Research Office at Oakland University is pleased to announce the creation of Advanced Research Methodology Services (ARMS). ARMS aims to help faculty members (a) improve the quality of the research design and data analysis sections of their grant proposals, and (b) assist with research and analysis upon receipt of funding. The ARMS Coordinator will assist in matching faculty members who are preparing grant proposals to colleagues on campus who have the research skills to help.

At no cost, ARMS will provide consultation to faculty members working on external funding proposals. This consultation may include such topics as general research design, operationalization and measurement, sampling, analytic needs, management of large or complex data sets, and other methodological issues. ARMS can assist with quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method studies and is available to all faculty members at OU. They can also help compose those sections of the proposal so that the methods are effectively presented.

To obtain this service, faculty members agree to budget ARMS in their proposals to participate in some portion of the analysis phase of their funded research at an hourly rate of $59.30. ARMS can provide guidelines on the amount of time that specific types of research assistance will require. The goals here are to help you with your project and to pay for the program without unduly burdening your budget.

Faculty members considering external funding are encouraged to engage with ARMS early in the development of their proposals so that we can identify appropriate consultants and determine their role on the project in a timely manner.

To access ARMS, contact the ARMS Coordinator, Dennis Condron, Associate Professor of Sociology, at