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Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is the process that moves the products of research from the university to the private sector for further development and commercialization for use by the public. Universities play a critical role in the local, national and international economies through the proper management of innovations that arise from university-based research.

Technology transfer activities provide recognition for OU faculty and their discoveries, and stimulate partnerships with industry. Successful commercialization strategies can provide licensing revenue that supports further research and education. Useful information about university technology transfer in general is provided by the Association for University Technology Managers.

At Oakland University, we recognize that intellectual property management is becoming increasingly complex and that shared participation among faculty and administrative personnel is critically important to the success of the technology transfer enterprise. The Research Office at OU provides resources and support for faculty inventors through the following processes:

  • Review of invention disclosure reports to identify third-party obligations (if any) and commercial potential
  • Protection of technologies through patents, if both the inventor(s) and OU agree to pursue this
  • The development of commercialization strategies for the technology
  • Consideration of other options that may be relevant to the specific invention

OU Invention Disclosure Form

Economic Impact of University / Non-profit Inventions, 1996-2017:  

  • 4 million jobs, 
  • 11,000 startups, 
  • 9.9 million patent applications, 
  • $1.3 trillion gross industrial output

For more information:
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