Grizzlies Protect Grizzlies


Healthy Together

As of Tuesday, January 19, all hybrid and in-person classes will transition to their previously scheduled format. Since January 6, most classes (hybrid and in-person) have been exclusively online.

In the coming months, as we continue to navigate the uncertainties caused by the pandemic, please know we will notify you as soon as possible when there are updates and changes to the delivery of classes.

When you arrive on campus, please take the necessary preventative measures in dealing with the threat of COVID-19.

Respond to the OU Health Screening questionnaire. Wear a mask. Make sure you remain at least six-feet from others at all times. Wash your hands rigorously. And, wear a BioButton, a leading-edge wearable device that provides alerts for COVID-19 symptoms.

Thank you for your support, compliance and patience during the past months.

By continuing to work together, respect each other, and uphold preventative measures, we can – and will – remain HEALTHY TOGETHER.