Oakland University

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The outside of the Oakland Center on Oakland University's campus.

Campus Services, Activities and Events

University Events

Applications for large events on campus are no longer required. The Large Events Task Force has provided the following guidelines for event planning:

Campus Meetings and Activities
  • Meetings and other activities in university facilities can be held in-person, virtually or in a hybrid format. Meeting plans should incorporate options for unvaccinated individuals to practice established infection prevention protocols, including social distancing where possible.
  • Clubs and student organization activities are subject to the same COVID-19 guidelines as those in place for all university activities.
Campus Cleaning and Climate Control

Information about campus cleaning plans made in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic is available on the COVID-19 Vaccines and Illness Prevention webpage.

University Closing Policy 482

What happens if the University declares an emergency closing?

See the University Closing Policy 482 which includes identification of essential personnel.