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The exterior of Graham Health Center on Oakland University's campus.

COVID-19 Vaccines and Illness Prevention

Last updated November 2, 2022

The university is striving to ensure that all students, faculty and staff are fully immunized and that all campus community members confidentially upload their COVID-19 vaccination data in the secure Patient Portal. The university will not share individual vaccination status publicly, only aggregate data used to track the collective vaccination rate of all campus community members.

Graham Health Center continues to provide free COVID-19 vaccine doses by appointment.

University supervisors are authorized to ask reports only whether they are vaccinated and, if not, whether they intend to be vaccinated. Supervisors are not authorized to share an individual’s vaccination status with others except as advised by the Office of Legal Affairs.

Employees who decline to disclose their vaccination status will be expected to follow established infection prevention protocols for unvaccinated individuals. Students will not be asked to disclose their vaccination status.

Additional information about the COVID-19 Vaccine:

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Question and Concerns

Campus community members with questions and concerns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak that are not answered within this web section are encouraged to submit them to the University’s response and planning teams using the button below.