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All OU vehicles are required to carry proof of insurance, click on the link below to print the insurance certificate. 

OU Vehicles Insurance Certificate

Insurance Certificate for Travel to Canada

If you drive for the university or are leasing a vehicle while on university business, you must comply with Administrative Policies & Procedures #610 Driving Practices & Standards.

Mobile Devices While Operating A Vehicle 
Several states have enacted laws regarding cell phone usage and text messaging while operating a vehicle.  Oakland University requires all drivers operating a vehicle for university purposes to comply with the laws of the state in which they are traveling.   Information regarding state specific laws can be found on the Governors Highway Safety Association website.

Owning/Leasing Vehicle
Oakland University’s owned/leased vehicles are insured under the M.U.S.I.C.  Auto Liability/Physical Damage Insurance.  

University Authorized Drivers (UAD’s) operating University Vehicles or equipment are covered for damages to property of others and/or bodily injury claims within the Michigan No-Fault Act. 

Insurance Deductibles may be assessed to the UAD’s department in the event of an accident.

University Authorized Drivers (UAD) operating privately owned vehicles on University Business

UADs operating privately owned/leased/rented vehicles on University Business MUST carry personal automobile liability insurance. The individual’s personal automobile liability coverage shall be the primary insurance for claims that occur on University Business.  No Automobile Physical Damage coverage for privately owned/leased/rented vehicles shall be provided by the University.

Personal Liability Claims
Individuals not recognized as UADs who are involved in an accident while driving on University Business may incur significant personal liability. 

Renting Vehicles in the United States
Vehicles may be rented in either the name of Oakland University or the individual renting the vehicle. However, coverage is only extended to University Authorized Drivers, regardless of the named renter. 

  • The vehicle renter is not required to purchase the rental company’s insurance at the time of rental.  Renters MUST carry the University’s proof of insurance certificate in the vehicle at all times. 
  • Payments should be made using an Oakland University Purchasing Card (unless other arrangements have been made) MasterCard (OU Purchasing Card Vendor) provides accident coverage.In the event of an accident follow What to do in case of an Accident Instructions.

Driving or Renting Vehicles Overseas 
Individuals renting vehicles overseas must purchase all local insurance at the time of rental. Most countries have a fine or jail penalty if you do not purchase local insurance.