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Charter Buses and Vans Insurance Requirements

Charter Buses & Vans

Approved Charter Buses
OU approved Charter Bus Companies are listed on the Purchasing Department website OU Approved Buses, Limos, Shuttles.
If the department is selecting a bus company that is not on the OU Approved, Buses, Limos, Shuttles list, the person renting the bus is responsible for checking the safety rating of the bus from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website.  
A rating of "Satisfactory" is required for a bus company to be approved.  All requests must include a printed copy of the rating sheet from the FMCSA website and a current Certificate of Insurance from the carrier. 
15 Passenger Vans 
Rental of a fifteen (15) passenger van is prohibited unless approved in advance by Risk Management.

UADs operating a fifteen (15) passenger van must limit the number of passengers to a maximum of nine (9); and the UAD must be at least age twenty-one (21) and complete the National Safety Council approved van driver training course provided by Risk Management.