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sUAS Remote Pilot Certificate Program

The two-course program is specifically designed to provide both basic airman knowledge, hands-on flying skill, and preparation to apply for and pass the FAA sUAV (sUAS or drone) Remote Pilot Certification Test.  Students will be required to demonstrate proficiency in knowledge and operations of a sUAV through both written and flying skill tests throughout the program.

Because the FAA’s sUAV Remote Pilot Certification Test is required for commercial operation, the program is ideal for individuals that will be taking on the responsibility for sUAS operation on behalf of their company or for those individuals interested in starting up their own sUAS related business. 

A Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) Certificate of Achievement will be issued to the participants who pass both courses and the FAA administered exam.

Course Descriptions

The following courses will be conducted in small groups so you will receive personal attention and have your questions answered by instructors.

CEEN 10101 Course: Small UAV Operation Proficiency
12 Contact Hours (lecture portion at OU/flying skill at OU & DCT hanger)

Attendees will receive hands-on lessons related to owning, flying, and maintaining a small UAS. This course will also introduce FAA regulation Part 107, which is meant to prohibit sUAV from endangering the safety of their immediate surroundings. It will cover cases and scenarios related to safety procedures, operations, maintenance, responsibilities, insurance, laws, ethics, and introductory business concepts with sUAS. Students will be required to both demonstrate proficiency in the operation of an sUAS and pass written and flying skills tests. The flying skills test will require students to fly an sUAV in multiple directions and orientations, take off/ land, and fly through an obstacle course all while demonstrating safety and proficiency.

CEEN 10201 Course: FAA sUAS Remote Pilot Knowledge
12 Contact Hours (lecture at DCT Aviation)

This course will help students to understand FAA regulations related to the operation of sUAS below 55 pounds, safety procedures and operation, laws, and ethics. The topics include FAA Part 107,  the National Airspace Systems, and the FAA Airmen Certification for the sUAS. The Federal Aviation Regulations topics to be covered include small unmanned aircraft loading and performance, maintenance and preflight inspection, emergency procedures, aerodynamics and aircraft operations, navigation, crew resource management, aeronautical decision making, weather theory, reports, and forecasts. The course will review the FAA Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement FAA-CT-8080-2G and requirements standards FAA-S-ACS-10. Students will submit the FAA Application through a Certified Flight Instructor and take the FAA sUAV Remote Pilot Certification Test at the conclusion of the course.

Certificate Information

To earn a Certificate of Achievement for the sUAS* Remote Pilot Certificate Program from Oakland University, a student must pass

  1. Hands-on skill test for operating an sUAV in an obstacle course (CEEN 10101)
  2. Written tests for preparation and maintenance of sUAV (CEEN 10101 & 10201)
  3. sUAV Remote Pilot Knowledge Test (administered by FAA, CEEN 10201)
Students must
  1. Be sixteen years or older
  2. Have adequate sensory-motor capability to operate sUAV.

Required Materials (before class)
  1. Register with the FAA sUAS registration (approx. $5).
  2. Become a member of the Academy of Model Aviation (approx. $75) to receive insurance coverage and latest updates.
  3. Each student is required to buy a Blade Nano QX quadrotor.


The CEEN 10101 Course. The Small UAV Operation Proficiency will be conducted by one or more of the following Oakland University instructors:

Steven Durecki, FAA Certified sUAS Pilot
Professional Aerial Videographer
Owner of Great Lakes Aerial Video Services

Aerial Photography and Video
Dr. Nick Zorka, Model Aicraft Pilot

Oakland University
Prof Ka C Cheok, ECE Dept, SECS

Prof Osamah Rawashdeh, ECE Dept, SECS

The CEEN 10201 Course. The FAA sUAS Remote Pilot Knowledge will be conducted by DCT Aviation certified pilots:

DCT Aviation

Certified GA & sUAV Pilots

CEEN 10101: $600
CEEN 10201: $325

Note: Testing for the FAA Certification is an additional charge ($150) paid directly to the FAA at the time of testing. Testing for and passing the FAA certification exam is required from the FAA to operate a Drone Commercially.

Course CEEN 10101
Oakland University Main Campus (exact room TBD)

Course CEEN 10201
DCT Aviation in Waterford, MI

FAA sUAS Remote Pilot Exam
DCT Aviation in Waterford, MI


2018 Dates

CEEN 10101: Small UAV Operation Proficiency

Registration for this course is now OPEN! Please click here or click the "Register" button to be taken to the registration page. Type "10101" in the search bar, click the gold "+" sign to add the course to the schedule, and then click the gray "Register" button in the lower left. Follow the prompts to continue registering, and call us at 248-370-3177 if you have any issues at all.  

The course will run on 4 consecutive Wednesdays:


CEEN 10201 FAA sUAS Remote Pilot Knowledge 

*The course below is the companion course to the 10101 session that ends June 20th. Registration for this course will open in the next few days

Saturday7/149am-12pm (hour lunch break) and 1-4pm

FAA sUAS Remote Pilot Exam
Saturday, 7/15: Students will schedule their time slot with the instructor. The exam can be taken after the CEEN 10201 course is completed.

All attendees must enter a waiver of claim and covenant not to sue agreement, with Oakland University, DCT Aviation, and instructors for liability.
How to Register

Registration will be through Oakland University. Click the gold "Register Now" button above, or contact OU PACE with questions. 

For Program Information

Amy Olind, Assistant Director Professional and Continuing Education

For Registration Information

FAA sUAS Remote Pilot Knowledge for Recertification

Course Description
The FAA sUAV Recertification Test is required two years after passage of the original exam, and this stand-alone course provides updated information to current rated pilots. Students will be presented with the new FAA regulations pertaining to the operation of sUAS below 55 pounds. Students will be required to demonstrate knowledge in areas related to operations, safety procedures, laws, and ethics. The course is ideal for individuals who engage in sUAS operation on behalf of their company or for those interested in continuing their own sUAS-related business.

Students will also demonstrate continued proficiency in the following seven areas:

  • Applicable Regulations
  • Maintenance and Preflight Inspection Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Crew Resources Management
  • Airspace Classification, Operation Requirements, Flight Restrictions
  • Aeronautical Decision-Making and Judgement

*Note: This course is NOT part of the 2-course sUAS Remote Pilot Certificate but is a separate, stand-alone course that aims to aid pilots who are seeking recertification.

Course Details
Dates: August 9th and August 16th
Time: 6-9pm
Location: Oakland University Main Campus
Cost: $350

Prerequisites and Other Requirements
Students must be:

  • 16 years or older to take the exam
  • Have adequate sensory-motor capability to operate sUAS/sUAV

Prior to class, students must:

  • Register with the FAA (approx. $5 cost)
  • Become a member of the Academy of Model Aviation (approx. $75) to receive insurance coverage and the latest updates
  • Register and submit payment through Oakland University PACE