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School of Education and Human Services

Pawley Hall
456 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
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248 370 3050

School of Education and Human Services

Pawley Hall
456 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
(location map)
248 370 3050

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Mindfulness for Educators

Teaching Calm and Quiet with Focused Attention: Social and Emotional Learning

February 3, 2020

Mindfulness is being taught in schools across the country, fueled by teachers who are working to help students learn to drop into stillness, focus attention and learn a type of kindness that promotes harmony in the classroom. In this workshop, you will learn stress reduction techniques, practice mindfulness and develop lessons in kindness curriculum to use with your students. You will also take away a variety of products and resources to use in your classroom. Come discover why mindfulness was on the cover of Time magazine and why it is being practiced in major corporations like Google, Facebook, Target and more!
Goals and Benefits

Goals of the Workshop
All attendees will be able to:

  • Learn about mindfulness
  • Include components of social and emotional learning in lessons
  • Develop lessons in kindness curriculum
  • Practice components that promote relaxation
  • Learn to construct a “peace corner” in the room
  • Network with other teachers who teach mindfulness to students
  • Help students to develop a sense of calm and focus in class


  • Learn about mindful classrooms and how they contribute to calm, attentive students.
  • Practice methods for teaching students to self-soothe in times of anxiety or sadness.
  • Educators can earn 6 SCECHs.
  • Light refreshments and lunch are provided.
Caryn Wells Head ShotCaryn M. Wells, Ph.D.

Caryn Wells is a professor for the Department of Organizational Leadership at Oakland University. She teaches graduate classes in Educational Leadership for aspiring and practicing leaders. She teaches graduate, doctoral and medical students about stress reduction, mindfulness and mindful leadership. She is a former teacher of English, counselor, assistant principal and principal, all at the high school level. She has completed professional training and a sabbatical in mindfulness, and teaches people how to easily include mindfulness throughout their busy days.
Session Topics
The workshop will include:
  • An introduction to mindfulness
  • Mindfulness concepts that relate to teaching and learning, including acceptance, awareness, compassion and patience
  • Kindness curriculum
  • Teaching about stillness
  • Developing lesson plans with mindfulness and assessing student learning mindfully
  • Practice and professional resources for teachers
How to Register

February 3, 2020 - Registration is now open. Participants can register online for the February 3 workshop. CEUs are also available. 

  • Workshop Registration Fee: $125
  • SCECHs Fee: Additional $10
  • CEUs Fee: Additional $10
  • Parking is free at the Macomb University Center.
  • Lunch will be provided to all participants.

For more information, please contact:
Traci Parsons —

“Caryn presented to a roomful of parents and administrators at the Birmingham ParentCamp last September. Her message about being present and mindful was very well received by the participants. What stood out most, and what received accolades from the parents especially, were the specific strategies and techniques for being more present and mindful that Caryn shared and demonstrated.”

— Becky Brady, VP Birmingham Education Foundation