Oakland University Senate

Wilson Hall
371 Wilson Boulevard
Rochester, MI 48309-4486
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Guidance Documents For Senate Processes

Please refer to the tabs below for guidance documents for the University Senate Committees.

Proforma for New Programs

Example of a Proforma for new program found here:  PA Proforma

Senate Guidelines for Action Items

The Steering Committee, in response to a Good and Welfare request, has formulated the following as guidance on the types of matters that would normally require action by the Senate. While guidelines can assist with making a determination on what items require a vote and what items are forwarded as information, they must remain flexible in order to accommodate the broad range of items coming before this body. What follows is a partial list of items the Steering Committee would generally treat as action items:

   • Matters that will eventually require action by the Board of Trustees
   • Matters involving external agreements that have university-wide implications, e.g.
      agreements relating to the transfer of credits.
   • Matters that have substantial impact across several departments or units, e.g., creating a
      new general education category
   • Creating or elimination of an academic unit (in the contractual sense)
   • New degree programs
   • Changes in the names of departments, schools or college
   • Changes in the name of a major

Examples of items that would require information to the Senate but not Senate action include:
   • Program modifications
   • Modifications in existing General Education categories (addition or deletion of courses)
   • Information on administrative policies that have university-wide implications, e.g. No
      Smoking policy
   • New certificates pulled from already approved undergraduate and graduate programs
   • Updates of general interest to the Oakland University community